Mediocre At Best

Hello Ice Warriors,  Today we had a scheduled Snow Flake raid on Big Foot. It pretty much turned into recruiting since noone wanted to wear the snowflake, even though it was for the betterment of the army. We maxed 30 which is ok on a weekend if this was a 1 bar, but no this was a 5 bar. The other sad part was that we had 35 people on chat at the start of the event. “Well thats pretty good Bears, what’s the deal?” The deal is that while we had 35 people on chat, it took us 40 minutes to even get 25 people on cp and that is including the rouges. The amount of laziness in this army is astounding. Here I am working my butt off to keep IW alive and trying to keep a 4.5 GPA while everyone else is just lolly-gagging and not give a damn about the army (excuse my language). The group with the most problems grasping the simple concept of logging on and participating are the mods. There are a few that do do what I ask when I ask (Sofia, Barry, Cp Ice). Now yes there are owners and members who choose to go to other armys events (not owners for that one) and go afk during events but the biggest percentage that does this are the mods. If you are expecting to go any further than the second round of Christmas Chaos then this must stop this instant. I am generally one of the more laid back and nice leaders in this community but this seriously pisses me off. Also, after 40 minutes when people decided to actually log on they instantly went idle so our tactics sucked super bad. Look and see for yourselves: 







We have the troops, we have the opportunities, so what exactly are we missing? That is my question to you.

Stay Frosty, 



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  1. I logged on & recruited but there is some lazy mods out there.


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