Parties Were Crashed, Ice Stands Supreme [Iggy raiding results]

Hello Ice Warriors,  Today we raided igloos for fun! (how sick of us :p ). We maxed about 25 troops which is pretty good for a week day, but not very good for our chat size as we maxed 31 on chat near the midway point. The iggy we raided was pretty funny due to the fact it was filled with roleplaying pookies lel. I didnt get pics of that unfourtunatley cause I had to eat. After that raid we went around and liked each others iggys and checked them out. Some people with cool iggys were: Guidocars, Appleicee8, Penguinblu23, Mordecai3362, Izzy171, Willruk12- Nice job to you all for designing those masterpieces! Ok, here are my pictures of event:







Stay Frosty, 


One Response

  1. 1st, I helped lead the E+P tactic 😀


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