Retirement of Alicia

Hey, Ice Warriors,

As you know it’s that time, the time where people decide it’s time to move on in their life, well, it’s time for me to do that.

Where do I start? It’s been such a cracking journey but I’m afraid some thing have to end. I won’t drag this post out, but thank you all for this. I’ve met a lot of amazing people, with such amazing personalities, and learned many things about friendship. Although we’re all across the world, you realize we’re all family, even though we sometimes don’t get along, at the end of the day we’re all family. It’s been such an inspiring time here for me, and it wouldn’t have been without everyone. It’s time for me to move on now, but below I have named some amazing people I’ve met within my time here.


Lemonade – Lemon, where do I start? Honestly, you are the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t be here without you, you have inspired me so much, I feel as if I can talk about anything to you. I can tell you all my problems, and you’re always there for me. We’ve had so much memories and great times together(levels), and there’s many more awaiting us. I want to let you know I’ll always catch you when you fall, no matter where in the world you are, you are my sister. Lemon, I love you so much, please, never forget that.

Mariela – Can the real slimshady please stand up? Mari, you have such an extrordinarily amazing personality. I’m so glad I’ve met you, you’re always there to cheer me up. You are so fun to talk with, again, we have had such great memories and moments together, I really do hope to talk to you in the future.

Lpslover – LPS!!!! -insert large number of exclamation marks here- Lps, you are so funny and a great pleasure to talk to. I was pretty much like you when I was your age, don’t ever let anyone take you down. Whenever I talk to you, I always end up laughing. There has been so much memories within us, again, I hope to talk to you in the future.

Marabubamara – Sheep, chickens, duuucks. Mara where do I start? Honestly, we have had so much fun together. Uuuu. Don’t let anyone ever change you. I can’t recall a person I’ve ever met that is just as cray cray as me. I guess we’re pretty much on the same page, and I know times have been hard for you lately, but things will certainly work out.

Albert417 –Look how far we have come, 9 months now? Man, where do I really start, it’s been such an amazing journey. Do you remember the times I used to stay up really late talking to you? I know school has been busy for you lately, but everything will get better, some time, somehow. Even though I don’t see you much anymore, wherever the damn you are on earth, I love you.

Tes – Tes, even though sometimes I can get on your nerves, you are one HELL of a guy. You’ve talents still yet to be discovered. I’ve had many great and interesting conversations with you, you’ve had your ups and downs but I’m going to miss talking to you, camel. 😉

Amelia –AMEELIAAA!!! We r nevur getin back togedurz liek evurz. Amelia you are such a sweet girl, I know you sort of dislike me for disliking One Direction but I think we’ve come to realize we all have differences in our tastes of music, etc. I respect you so much Amelia, we’ve had great ‘singing/typing’ competitions too, especially with ‘A Thousand Years’. You are beautiful the way you are, don’t let ANYONE break you. No matter what they say, don’t EVER change.

Cece –CECE. Cece you are such a unique person, I always enjoy talking to you, don’t let anyone change you, too. Cece, I really hope to talk to you in the future. 😀

Honkzo6 –Evening. Honk, you are such an awesome guy. I can always talk about my problems to you, and you’d always be there. You are such an inspirational person, and you have such ‘stupendous’ grammar. 😉

Mini –Wifffeeeyyyyy. I’ve had such great times with you bro, as cray cray as you are, stay that way. I hope to talk to you in the near future, Kik/iMessage maybe? 😀

Boomer20 – Boomer you are one amazing guy. I feel as if I can tell you anything. You always make me happy when I’m having a rough day, even though I haven’t known you for a long time I trust you a lot. I respect you in so many ways, I hope to keep talking to you in the near future. 😀


I haven’t got the time to write about more people, but below I will name a list of people I’ve met through my time in IW.

  • Jamie
  • Thalia
  • Abby
  • Barry360
  • Sorcha
  • Mchappy
  • Thomas
  • Mawmaw10
  • Deepsnow/William
  • Arctic
  • Luna
  • Mordecool
  • SonNav
  • Nickle37915
  • Aquabluejet
  • Christian
  • Christohper1
  • Ben
  • Wheelo
  • Yoshi123
  • Matthew 94
  • Bloss

If I forgot you, then just comment below, my memory is not the best today.


Well this is pretty much the end of the road. Thank you for making my journey here so inspirational. It’s time for me to move on and await the adventures for me in life. I wish you all luck in your journey here, for you’ll all never be forgotten.


“If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.” ~ Taylor Swift


Well, that’s it. Thank you. For everything.

For the last time,

~ Alicia

21 Responses

  1. Son Nav


  2. Good luck in life Alicia! We won’t miss you! xD LOL JK!! xD


  3. Seriously no Nickle37915 ._.


  4. 😥 Bye 😥 Bye I’m Yoshi if ya wanna add meh,
    ~Yoshi Aka Izzy171
    Good luck with life ♥


  5. Wheres my goodbye


  6. Ill miss you alicia 😦 Mini is going to be upset when I tell her
    Best of luck in life 🙂
    (ps. Add meh name) ._.


  7. wow you’re gay thanks for remembering meeeeeeee

    u rood beetch i hope ur retirement is bad and u die in a hole bi bi


  8. Hope to see you around, Ms. American-in-denial


  9. WHERE’S MY GOODBYE? ANYTHING ABOUT ME?! wow I’m not appreciated…? goodness..


    • all you care about is getting your name mentioned in the post, cring “wow I’m not appreciated…? goodness..” quote from christohper1


  10. I don’t really know you but I remember going to IW chat one day and heard you were marrying Albert. It was a good day.


  11. Alicia, really sad you’re going. It probably wont be too long until I go too. You have such a great and humorous personality. And most importantly of all….YOU’RE IRISH >:D
    Enjoy life, Alicia. Life will be tough, but you’re tougher.


  12. From the day you joined, till the day you retired, you were charismatic and energetic, almost always the life of the party. It’s been a pleasure serving with you and I hope to see you around


  13. bai


  14. Everyone’s retiring suddenly? Any other retirements I must know about


  15. I will miss ye too Alicia but don’t worry I am going to be texting and texting until your iPod blows up. Love ya wiifffeeeyyyyyyy 🙂


  16. I ish Yoshi, not Yoshi123 :3




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