It’s official, It’s Christmas! Now, the real point, here’s some “gifts” from “Santa”!

The GIFT of WAR- Yay, war, yes, a purpose to log on!

The GIFT of WINTER- Winter is our time to rise! Don’t let this opportunity fly by like a blizzard!

The GIFT of ALLIES- With allies, we can hope to win this war.

The GIFT of CONFIDENCE- WE are FINALLY ready to start WAR!

The GIFT of ANNOYING WATERKID- Let’s face it, Waterkid is pissed off about the war.  This is only hilarious.

The GIFT of RANDOM POSTS- Yay for pointless post to read!

The GIFT of RECAPS- Here is a brief recap from my perspective. Feel free to edit this post [If you can] to make the recap accurate.






July- Ice Warriors shocked ME with the sizes of barely only 10.

August- We began to spike sizes of only 20. We can only hope to rise.

September- School cripples our forces to barely 10.

October- We began to rebuild back to 20

November- We were regularly achieving 10-25, sometimes maxing 30-50

December- Winter arrives, and we show signs of power. We regularly reach 20-40, maybe 50-60.

-Enjoy the rest of 2013!

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