RPF Smashed – EuroAfrican Invasion of Yeti

Hai Ice Warriors, 

Even with American Leader Elmikey leading their UK battle, the RPF UK force could not deal with our EuroAfrican division. We managed to max sizes of about 15+ and average just over 10 – as the RPF forces could not deal with us. They may have been bigger than us in the Pre-Battle, but as we went into the battle we got bigger and they got smaller and our tactics and formations were far superior to theirs. This is shown in our amazing E+T tactic:

Nope, I don’t see any RPF either.

Also, as you can see by the picture at the top – Elmikey was not very happy with RPF’s performance and got very angry at his defeat! They even logged off after 10-15 minutes of the event as he was so frustrated. Read more for the other pictures and some more information on the battle.

This was led by myself, with some assistance from the moderators and I am very happy with the response from the troops and our amazing formations and instant quick tactics. Here are the pictures of the events:

and everyone likes some Elm raging pictures:


Thanks to everyone who came and as a reward you are all given THREE MEDALS for your efforts. While we only spent 20 minutes on CP – you all put maximum effort in and none of you went AFK during the event, so for that I thank you all. Let’s continue this winning war against the RPF, and show them who’s boss.

-Kingfunks4 EuroAfrican Leader


4 Responses

  1. I attended


  2. Although I represented the Nacho’s I came, quite a few of these guys were Nacho’s so yeah…


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