Practice Battle with UMA Results

Hai Ice Warriors, 

Today we had our event of the week as we had our PB with the Underground Mafias Army. UMA did not show and this means we had victory in the PB. As they didn’t show we thought we’d do some advanced tactics and formations and we did really well as you can see from the picture above – as we made hearts, triangles, A’s, E’s, X’s and triple lines. I’d like to congratulate the troops for managing to do such amazing formations and in terms of size we averaged 23 and maxed 26-27. Make sure you comment if you came and read on for the pictures.

Here are my, Tes’s, Shadow’s and Dog’s pictures of the event:

I’ll say it again – don’t forget to comment if you can come!

-Kingfunks4 IW Second-In-Command // UK Leader

10 Responses

  1. 1st I came


  2. I came c;


  3. I came


  4. I came


  5. I had to leave during the event because I was forced outside by my mom, but I did log on at event time


  6. i came


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