Shame/Joke Post


Good day to you all! Today, we have a shame/joke post for all who have funny or shameful moments on the chat. This is supposed to be a joke post, so don’t come complaining to me if they don’t go with the main thing of the thing. This is RATED PG-13 due to mature language. I recommend that our fellow warriors that are under the age of 13 to skip seeing this post and see a different post. Here are the shameful or hilarious moments of the chat:



IW Shame Post Pic  <– Why would a leader make everyone spam?!

IW Shame Post Pic 2 <– Tes already xat married someone so why would he say that?!

IW Shame Post Pic 3 <– That’s not very nice to do that to a Vietnamese Sensei.

IW Shame Post Pic 4 <– Nickle should be ashamed for cheating on Alicia!

IW Shame Post Pic 5 <– Sleep is good for you and it keeps you awake when you need it. If you don’t get enough sleep, it will kill your brain cells.


Out of all the pictures above, vote on the most funny one below.


~Morde, Ice Warriors 3ic and Shameful Moments Scout


6 Responses

  1. lol


  2. Tes im already married…..


  3. none are funny but what is funny is how unfunny these pics are.


  4. such drunk such leader


  5. lol


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