What do you think? [Troop Interview!]

Hello Ice Warriors!

As most of you know, the Ice Warriors gained a delightful position in the CPAC Top Ten, (3rd)!  This was a great achievement for the mighty Ice Warriors.

The question is, do you think we deserved it, why or why not? Do you think we can move further up, why? Today,  I interview Guidocars, the Ice Warriors 4th in Command, just to get an insight on his thoughts of our position.


Key = Jo8903 Guidocars

Question – “Do you think we deserved this position in the CPAC Top Ten?”

Answer – “Yes, we are having good sizes, good tactics and some nice formations.”

Question – “Do you think that there could be a chance, the Ice Warriors could move further up the Top Ten?”

Answer – “Possibly, maybe if we reach sizes of 40-50, then maybe we could be the number 1 army!”

Question – “How do you think the Ice Warriors have performed over the weeks?”

Answer – “We have performed well at the events, but sometimes people need to focus a little more!”

Question – “Can you maybe, provide any tips to help us?”

Answer – “People need to log on when they are designated to, the owners should be more strict about people logging on.”

Question – “Anything to add, Guido?”

Answer – “Nope, not at the moment!”

Some good ideas there by the 4th in Command, also some helpful criticism and tips, that will hopefully help us to progress through thick and thin, and help us to become the number one Club Penguin army!

Thank you for your time,

-Jo8903, Ice Warriors 3rd in Command.


5 Responses

  1. I want to be interviewed!!


  2. No offense, but these site jobs seem really stupid.


  3. such formal such maturity *wary*


  4. interview me next


  5. I want to be interviewed too!
    And yes, we do need to focus more at events


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