Regarding My Leave

Hi IW,

Everyone needs to click ‘Read More’ for some important updates regarding my upcoming holiday. 

As many of you are aware I will be away for TWO WEEKS from Tuesday, 1st July. This means I cannot be active until the 15th July. Throughout that time it’s highly unlikely that I will make any posts and I will certainly not be able to attend any events. However, I will be checking up on the IW regularly to see how we are doing – including being on chat via mobile XAT when possible. Unfortunately, Tes will be away for some of the time that I am away as well. So for the duration of when BOTH Tes and myself are away Iceyfeet, Gtu and Albc will be leaders. Tes will not be away for very long and when he returns the ranks will return to normal.

However, for the whole two weeks of while I’m away I will be appointing people to cover the UK ownership. Gtu will be incharge of the UK division while I’m away, and the following other things will also happen:

  • From the 1st-8th July Snowskitter will be owner.
  • From the 8th-15th July Oregan will be owner.
  • LionP and Berbatov will be owner from the 1st-15th July.

This means, to cover for my absence, we will have one extra UK owner than normal to ensure that the division continues to run smoothly without me being there. This may seem extreme, but I have run the UK division for 7-8 months and this is my first prolonged absence, so I want to make sure I am well covered.

The IW will be fine without me being here, as the owners are capable of leading and recruiting. Tes will not be away for long and Iceyfeet is the perfect person to make sure that Gtu and Albc are fine with running the army. If you want to know where I’m going, It’s Greece 😉 .

-Kingfunks4, IW Leader


5 Responses

  1. Have fun in Greece, Funks.


  2. have fun man try and find zeus and hades for me lol


  3. and I’m going to Canada! Even though I’ve been there like 5 million times before and I’m only going there to visit a cousin for 3 days! Ok i guess that’s not as exciting as a two week long trip to Greece 😦


  4. Bye Tes and Funks!


  5. Tes, if your going to British Columbia (in Canada), I dare you to find Guido. xD

    Just kidding, have a great time, both of you! 😀


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