(Chapter 5) Ice Warriors: Fighting it Out

Hey IW, Raven here!~

Welcome back to another chapter of this story! We have a few more fights and other things coming to you right now in this chapter! Enjoy.~


Chapter 5: The Tourney Continues

“The next match,” Tes boomed, “is Barry VS the Warrior Polygon!”

Upon hearing his name, Barry made his way onto the platform as the crowd cheered, most of the cheers being feminine once again. His opponent stepped forward and faced him. It was a hulking, orange Polygon Clone that was covered in armor. It carried a large sword, that was also orange. Barry couldn’t help but gulp at the sight of it.

Barry made a sudden lunge at the monster, but was pretty horrified when he noticed that fist fighting did nothing to it. Uh oh… he thought when the creature swung its sword at him. The weapon hit him with so much power, he soared off the edge of the platform. For a moment, it seemed like he had already lost, until he pulled himself up.

Once he was back on the platform, Barry sighed in relief, right before noticing that the warrior was charging towards him. He slid under its feet and kicked it, but that bounced off as well. “For the love of…” he groaned under his breath as he pushed the Polygon over. It was knocked backwards, dropping its weapon in the process. Before he could do anything else, Barry grabbed the sword, seeing this as an opportunity, and began striking the clone with it. However, the attacks still bounced off.

Great… Barry thought sarcastically. How am I supposed to defeat something that cant be hurt? As he stared at the beast, he noticed a slight gap that the armor had left, in the back of its neck. He immediately ran towards the clone, plunging its own sword where the gap was. This worked, and all the Polygon did was stare at Barry with utmost hatred. As he tried to pull the sword out of the clone’s body, he realized it was stuck there. The Polygon turned its body, whacking Barry with the end of the sword and sending him to the ground as it pinned him. The boy braced himself for the knockout, but then he noticed the warrior’s armor. The helmet…it’s loose! However, he still waited for the clone to swing his head, making the sword’s end hit him. The clone eventually did what he was waiting for, and Barry grabbed the weapon, yanking it out of its neck, and whacking it on the head, breaking the helmet it was wearing.

“Looks like I’ve found your weak spot.” he told the monster, “And you know what that means…” Barry rolled out from underneath its body, grabbed the sword and stabbed it in the head. The Polygon let out a cry of agony before falling silent, and fading away. “…it means I win.” he finished.

The audience let out several loud cheers as Barry returned to the box, leaving the Polygon Clone’s sword on the platform. “Nice work!” Raven complimented as he sat down. “It almost had you!”

“I thought so, too. If I hadn’t have found its weak point, I would’ve been screwed by now.”

“Well, from what you told us in the cafeteria yesterday, you’ve faced a few things worse.” pointed out Oregan, remembering the weird adventure he’d had with Barry in cyberspace a few months back. “You were with that girl…RC. She’s lucky you were there to help.”

“Yeah…” Barry sighed before falling silent. Snow raised one eyebrow as he did this, but his attention was brought back to the tourney at the sound of Tes’ voice.

“The next to battle is Maid! She’ll be up against the Dragon Polygon!”

At this announcement, the stadium burst into cheers, most of them coming from males. Maid ignored all the wolf whistles as she made her way to the platform. She looked up, and saw her opponent fly towards her from the sky. It was a giant blue dragon with red eyes and a long snout. Its body was muscular like the Fire Polygon’s, with wide and thick wings. Also, it had a long, sweeping tail, but bore short, stubby arms as well.

Maid stared at the dragon, analyzing its body for any strengths and weaknesses she had to look out for. After about a minute, the dragon let out a bloodcurdling roar as it swooped down to attack, but the girl quickly rolled under it. She jumped and climbed up its tail and up to its head, only to jump off and roughly punched it multiple in the stomach. This stunned the large beast, forcing it to land.

The girl landed on the platform as well, and whirled around to look at the dragon, smirking as she did so. The dragon, however, wasn’t out quite yet. It swung its large tail at her, throwing her to the edge of the platform. She managed to stay on the ground, and began to charge up her energy to make a quick physical attack. As she did so, the dragon glided towards her, its tiny arms outstretched.

Maid was quick to dodge, though. She darted swiftly under the dragon’s mouth, just as it was about to bite her. The girl jumped yet again, clinging onto its stomach. She punched it with every inch or so she moved. Maid eventually got onto the dragon’s back, and using her high jumping, she leapt up, landing harshly on the Polygon’s skull. It swayed in midair for a few seconds before collapsing on the platform. It didn’t fade away, but it didn’t move, either.

“Maid is the winner!” yelled Tes. The fans clapped and screamed as Maid strode off, ignoring all the sights and sounds around her, including her fellow fighters.

“Hey, Maid!” Purple called out, “Nice work out there! I’ve never seen anything like…” She didn’t get to finish her sentence, since Maid had walked right past her and the other five. She opened the exit door.

“Where are you going?” Guido called.

“I’ve played my part today. There’s nothing else I really can do, for now.” came the reply. Maid then slammed the door behind her.

“What’s up with her?” Guido continued to speak, now standing outside the box and by the door she had just gone through.

“I guess nobody knows…” Raven shrugged with confusion as Guido sat next to her. “I guess she’s just went through a lot in the past.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that!”

The six people who were still in the box were now getting seriously annoyed by Tes’ sneaking. “Would you PLEASE stop doing that?!” Raven scolded, before Tes pointed at her, chuckling as he did so.

“Hm…how about NO? Anyway, your match is up next! It’s Raven VS the Shifter Polygon!”


~RavenPaw, IW 5ic


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