IWNH: Troop Interview with Gtudsd

Ice Warriors News Hub – In the first addition of the series, ‘Troop Interview’, I talk to current Second in Command Gtustd, who is next in line for the UK Division Leader.

Having joined the Ice Warriors in 2009, Gtudsd, known by many as Gtu, has been a vigilant and dedicated figurehead in the Ice Warriors ownership, which has earn’t him his current rank of Second in Command. He has been at this post for the past 6 months and soon he will be replacing Kingfunks4 as the UK Division Leader.  Earlier on today I was lucky enough to catch up with him, to ask him a couple of questions. Enjoy!


You’re next in line for the UK Division Leader, how are you feeling?

Gtudsd: Excited, I’ve been waiting a long time.

What skills and qualities do you think you can bring to the Ice Warriors leadership?

Gtudsd: I’m good at working with others, as well as recriting.

Do you have any particular future plans for the Ice Warriors?

Gtudsd: Nothing other than work with Albc to get IW first!

Do you have any other comments that you want to add?

Gtudsd: hi?

Thank you very much for your time! 😛


That concluded my interview with Gtudsd, join me next Sunday for the next ‘Troop Interview’, with Kingfunks4.

Signing off from the News Hub headquarters,


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  1. I’m on the news, i feel famous!

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