Club Penguin Membership Deal: 25% Off Plus Bonus Virtual Items and Coins

Ice Warriors News Hub- If you have a Disney Visa Card you can take advantage of a special Club Penguin membership offer until December 31st. With this offer you will get 25% off a one year Club Penguin membership, which brings the price down to $44.96. You will also get over 50 furniture items, two igloos, and 25,000 coins..[..]

The full list of benefits from this deal is as follows:

  • All the normal benefits of membership for 12 months
  • 25,000 coins
  • Over 50 free furniture items
  • 2 igloos

I would guess that some of the free furniture items you get are the ones displayed above. If you want to know badly enough you can always contact Club Penguin Support via phone or email.

Interested in taking advantage of this limited time membership offer? You can do so by going to Club Penguin’s membership page and selecting credit card as your payment option. The coupon code you need to enter is the first four digits of the credit card’s number. Remember, it needs to be a Disney Visa Card, otherwise you won’t get a lower membership price or any of the items!

You can find out more on the Disney Rewards website and also the Club Penguin website.

Thanks Jempenguin!



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