Message to Owners and Leaders

Hey guys,
I am making this post cuz of the inactiveness of our owners the owners are inactive the only owner which i see on chat are gar, west, jay and cody
Things dont work like this you all have to be active many of our mods had a argue on chat for promo let me make it clear promotion is something that you have to earn
I would like to request Albc and gtu to meet me on chat today it self

Lord.ted [IW 5ic]

5 Responses

  1. i didn’t understand any of this please sell your namecolor to buy some grammar


  2. Ted, It’s called timezones…….We got school and sports you know, I was off all day yesterday the 12th because
    2.Hurling Training for the school straight after
    3. Friends birthday
    4. Disco :I


  3. Um…. well…


  4. you’re a 5ic
    fuck off kid


  5. Grammar is the key of life.


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