Sled Racer Updates are Coming Soon! – Disney Club Penguin

Hi Ice Warriors,

SUB ZERO, Club Penguin IWNH HQ –

Club Penguin has updated a new video that was just posted on today. This video will shows you that the Sled Racer epic updates! Click read more.

Club Penguin will be receiving some epic updates soon…

Here are some of the extreme features that Club Penguin will be adding to the game of Sled Racer:

  • Login and earn coins: By popular demand, players will be able to login to Sled Racer, and earn coins for playing the game!
  • Power-Ups for Members: The new version of Sled Racer will have some extreme Power-Ups for members to amp their game up. (*Paid membership or in-app purchase required for power-up items)
  • Leaderboards: For the first time in a Club Penguin game, Sled Racer will have high score leaderboards! Each week, players will compete to get their name to the top of the charts.

Here is the video of the Sled Racer updates that are coming soon!

What do you think about this Sled Racer’s updates!? Let us know with your thoughts by leaving the comment below!

-Kyle103 IW 3ic and IWNH Creator

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