Invasion of Sleet[US Results]

Hey Ice Warriors,

Today we have successfully invaded the server, Sleet. The Doritos were beaten again. The Doritos was scared in the beginning and switched the server to Belly Slide – Then they switched the server back to Sleet 15 mins after and still didn’t win![LOL] The Doritos need to use Math lesson to learn how to count right, before they repeated it again by saying “WINNING.” They’re so small and they know that we’re bigger than them, and they have failed AGAIN. Anyway, comment if you attended to this event!

The Ice Warriors have maxed 25 + and averaged 20 in the invasion of Sleet, today. Click read more for pics[pictures].

Pics are not in order. Special thanks to Final Chaser for the pics!

Fear The Ice

6 Responses

  1. I came fear the ice.


  2. I came


  3. Sleet wasn’t even a DCP server since WV war.


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