Why I hate Invasions/ Bots all the time…

Hey Ice Warriors,

I am gonna make this clear that l am sick and tired of people that are accusing of using bots in an army  to raid other armies event, like us and its annoying, and why l hate invasions as well.

If you don’t know what’s bots are, l will explain it to you. Here is what l said to Cargo,to explain what bots are below:

Cargo as in yellow, Myself as in blue

Me: What are bots and why they are using them to raid a armies event, chat, etc?

Cargo: Bots are penguins that are used in a program to do a specific job such as copying emotes of a player, or other purposes such as recruiting like LT is doing and if l had to take a guess at why they’d use bots to raid events it’d probably be either to block emotes of people in the army or to lag the members of the group.

Me: Ok thanks!

Example[these people are using their another account to increase their army sizes to make them big.]

There you go as you can see, Cargo has explained the reason why people are still accusing of using bots all time, as well as what DCP are literally doing to increase their sizes of using a bots to make them feel big. Here is what Articsledder have said about the reason in the invasions back in 2010,Flipmoo about the bots attacks in 2013 and Iceyfeet1234 showing proof that DCP multilogs 4 days ago.

Articsledder said:

Hey, this post is basically gonna be a long rant, just warning you.

Invasion rules are pointless. Sure they make it more “realistic”, but CP warfare doesn’t exactly use real tactics. For example, in real life the invading or defending army would murder 1 or the other and the room would be there’s. But in CP armies no one dies, they just log off when they are bored, which usually takes an hour or 2. But invasions only last 1 hour, and a single room would theoretically take almost just as much time if the armies were evenly matched. I think a more efficient solution to fighting wars is theres no time limit. Your army would slowly lose more troops as the battle goes on, like in real life. At one point the other army would be so weak fighting would be pointless, and the other side would win. Thats how the golden ages were fought. I know people are gonna be like “Oh your just saying that because IW would have defiantly won frozen if the invasion rule didn’t exist” Well I am (not saying we didn’t win), and anyways, every other army has taken advantage of the invasion rule while defending, including IW. Basically, the invasion rule is stupid,and ruins the general concept of CP warfare, along with time limits. Wars aren’t fought in an hour.

Flipmoo said:

Bot raids have been a problem of the past, but they still appear from time to time. Our agency has worked hard on coming up with bot repellants, and we have successfully found an effective way to patch up the bot system. Instead of keeping this intel in the darkness, we’ve decided to publicize this information to send the bots back into the abyss if they were ever to return.

In order to have Club Penguin patch up the bot system, a person must personally call Club Penguin and alert them of the bot program. Below are the lists of the Club Penguin phone numbers divided by country.

North America – (888) 861-4111

Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm, Saturday, 8am-4pm, Sunday, 10am-6pm (PST)

United Kingdom – 0-800-085-7638

Monday through Sunday, 10am-6pm (GMT)

Australia – 1800 237 406

Monday through Friday, 10am-6pm (EST) (Sydney, New South Wales)

New Zealand – 0800 451 604

Monday through Friday, 12pm-8pm (NZDT)

All other countries – 250-861-5111 (NOTE: Long distance charges may apply.)

Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm, Saturday, 8am-4pm, Sunday, 10am-6pm (North American Pacific Standard Time)

Remember–if you call then over 6pm on the weekend you may have to leave a message.

Be sure to state these three points in your phone call.

  1. Notify them of the server in which the bot raids occurred on, and tell them you were throwing a party.
  2. If the bots had any characteristics, inform them.
  3. Do not give them the bots names unless they ask you for it.
  4. If you know the program name, stating that in your phone call may help them patch it quicker.

An example case is quoted below. The bot program was patched within 2 days of the call.

Witness – Orange

Club Penguin Official – Green

Hello, my CP name is ****** and I was on the server Breeze and me and my friends were having a green penguin party and then some bots showed up.

Oh? We never heard anything like this!?

Yeah, They were in some type of formation with a lead penguin.

So you and your friends were having a party and then bots show up in some kind of formation on the server Breeze right?


Like I said we never heard anything like this before I’m sorry that they ruined your party, we will review this situation and fix anything we need to. Have a good day!

You too. Bye!

Simple conversation, major effect. An organization know as the Black Lime Raids were disabled in the past due to this phone call.

We hope that this will be used as a future reference for Club Penguin armies whenever bot raids return.

I hope this will be right and l hope that DCP will understand.

Fear the Ice.

Bye for now,

Kyle103 Third In Command

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