IWNH: Here’s a List of Every Club Penguin Update Coming In June

Hey Ice Warriors,

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SUB ZERO, Club Penguin IWNH HQ ~

On the Club Penguin Blog today Megg posted a copy of the Club Penguin Team’s calendar for the month of June, listing everything they have planned for next month!


The full list:

June 2 – Chill out in the attic and think about conspiracy theories!

June 3 – Drawing of Herbert’s(?) footprints that spread out to June 5th, 6th, and 12th

June 4 – Puffle Berry Mall opens! New clothing and furniture catalog!

June 8 – “Bring Cookies” in the PSA code

June 10 – Sled Racer Challenge!! YAY!!!

June 11 – EPF Training Missions 1-4

June 13 – Give Lela a bath & haircut!

June 14 – Buy a gift for dad!

June 15, 16, 22, 23 – Random square of… FREE TIME! Booyah.

June 17 – Blog gets a whole new look! Woo!

June 18 – EPF Training Missions 5-8

June 18 – Surprise Royal items for everyone only on the Club Penguin app June 18-24

June 21 – Father’s Day!

June 24 – Special studio guest! (and Bday celebration)

June 25 – EPF Training Missions 9-11

June 26 – Royal themed meet up on CP app?

June 29 – July Party Announcement

June 30 – Make sure to complete training missions!

Find out:

1. Where Rockhopper is

2. How to make healthy “ice cream” cake

3 Plan for 10th Anniversary

Don’t forget random dancing!

All in all, it sounds like June is going to be a fun month! Instead of a party there will be EPF missions…I wonder what they will be like?

UPDATE: They’ll just be the PSA missions re-branded. 😦

Bye for now,


Second In Command and IWNH Creator

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  1. […] Last month, Megg has shared her July calendar post, now she is sharing a July calendar month as well! Megg has published a new blog post about the July calendar that will be happening this month. […]


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