IWNH: SECRET AGENTS ONLY – Classified Info Regarding Training Missions 5 – 8 (Contains Spoilers)

Hey Ice Warriors,

SUB ZERO, Club Penguin IWNH HQ ~

If you didn’t completed the Mission 1-4, then click here. Anyway, the next four EPF training missions are now available for playing on Club Penguin. The final 3 EPF training missions, 9 through 11, will unlock next Thursday. Click read more.

Scroll down, if you need help for tips of what Megg have said.

When you first log on to Club Penguin, the Director will pop up a message for you.

Four more training missions are online. Can you solve them?

Mission 5 is Secret of the Fur, 6 is Questions for a Crab, 7 is Clockwork Repairs, and 8 is Mysterious Tremors. The next 3 EPF training Missions will be here next Thursday to be unlocked.

So what do you think about this? I think its great, and im glad that Training Missions are back! Although, l already completed the game a while back, and already got a trophy.

But remember, if you already completed the game and it says “Play Again” that means you already completed it. But if you press Play Again, the message will pop saying that you have a warning before you press it again to restart it all over again. The process will not be saved and it will be lost, if you’re sure that you want to restart it


Greetings Agents,
Your next 4 training missions have been issued, head to the EPF headquarters to continue your training. To assist you in your training here are some helpful tips — REMEMBER, these are classified and for your eyes only.
Mission 5: Secret of the Fur
 * Once you have identified the 3 samples within the fur, try starting your search in the Pizza Parlor.

Mission 6: Questions for a Crab
 * To get into the cave, you’ll have to find a bag of Puffle O’s to give to the black puffle. They are located in the forest hanging in a tree, use your scissors to cut them down.
Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs
 * Before you leave HQ, go into the Gadget Room and put the inner tube in your inventory as you will need this later on.
Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors
 * To fix the Gift Shop you will need balloons, a net and tent pegs. You can find these in the Lighthouse, at the Beach, and in the Sports Shop.
If you need more help with your training, check out this FAQ page.
Good luck agents and always remember…. Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready.

Bye for now,


Fifth In Command and IWNH Creator

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