Hey IW,

So sadly I’ll be missing this weeks tournament battle and the rest of the battles this week and possibly some next week. Turns out that I’ll be forced to move tomorrow which truly sucks. I feel horrible that I’ll be letting a lot of you down, but I know this leadership and many people in this army can overcome this major setback and still continue to win the battle against DCP! They are a great army.. but IW.. IW is second to none. We have the people, we have the knowledge and we have the experience. With all of those combined we can conquer anything this community throws at us. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again. Now is the time to step up, not just because I’m currently having to become inactive, but because this is when the army needs you most. You all know what you have to do. 

Winning the last tournament of this community should matter to each and every single person that has once been apart of this army. There is no better achievement that I can think of than winning the Legends Cup..the last tournament that is being held in Army History. We need to come together no matter the Era you were from, no matter who you followed, no matter who you hated or loved.. but the fact that you were in this army at a point of time in your life. This is our childhood, lets end it with a final bang. 

I encourage every IW veteran, former IW soldiers and anyone that was associated with IW to rejoin now. The biggest battle of this year is happening this Saturday and we NEED YOUR HELP

If you’re looking to join find any of the leaders and ask for a rank! 

We look forward to seeing you sign up.

I hope to see a victory post on our site once I am back, I know you guys can do it without me, you’ve done it before! 


Until then,

Waddle on!

~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors

2 Responses

  1. Iw will not be the same with out you even tho I wasn’t in it sucks to see u leave


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