Q&A: IW Contest Recap

Good day to you all, Ice Warriors! How is everyone doing on this fine Tuesday? To start/ finish off today, I’ll be having a Q&A post, as you can see from the title. We may all know, every few weeks or months, we have a special channel called #Contest in this channel, everyone can share their creativity through drawings, building, dressing up, and much more! In this post, I’ve asked some troops and staff regarding the contest that is hosted by our beloved staff. With no more waiting, let’s jump right into it!

What do you like about the varieties hosted in the #Contest channel?

Kristina: I love that there can be a contest for anyone, and how people can really use their creativity to make loads of different types of entries!

Glitter: I think the varieties are somewhat rare to find in a server

Super: I really like the different types of contests, they give people a chance to show off their creativity and maybe even discover an unknown talent! The different themes add diversity so the challenges are never repetitive or boring!

CPR Igloo decoration from the winner Ramen Bender

Favorite themes/ event hosted or something you have joined into?

Poffy: Hm, I think it’s gonna be the food theme, I just kinda liked the one where people posted how they make their food like there was a strawberry pie and pasta.

JustAsh: Oooo I really liked the cooking contest!
I feel like food & sharing recipes in general is something that can really bond people, and although I didn’t submit my recipe in time, it was really cool to see everyone’s submissions!

Picture of the food that was taken and made by Sour

What themes do you want to see in the #Contest channel?

Dark Angel: Hmm, I would like to see maybe like in the future best penguin Christmas costume

RamenBender: Hm…anime, Disney, like pop culture themes, holiday themes ofc, like Halloween, Autumn Christmas, etc., and maybe color themes for like outfits and igloos in CPR.

And that is all for this week’s Q&A! The Contest channel is a great place where everyone can share their creativity and getting the snowflakes if you’re able to win it! If you want to participate too, don’t forget to check out the channel and see what theme we are having and make sure to read the rules before submitting, and just be creative! Last but not least, react and attend to any events coming up this week to get a puzzle piece for #october-puzzle-hunt! And peace out!

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