CPR Furniture Catalog Cheats: October 2021

Ghostly Greetings Ice Warriors! With October full of spooky amounts of fun, we have even more CPR content! Perfect for decorating your spooktacular Halloween igloos! So park your brooms and sit for a spell and check out what this ghoulish catalogue has to offer!


On the first spooktacular page, you can find a Seismograph, The Count’s Chair, a Control Terminal, a Torn Carpet, Mini Pumpkin Lanterns, Moving Eye Painting and a Web Rug.

On the second page, you can find A Spooky Penguin Statue, a Black Widow Window, a Terrifying Tissue Ghost, a Laboratory Desk, an Illuminous Ghost, an Abandonded Mine Entrance, an HD TV, a Crystal Ball and a Perched Puffle Statue.

On the third page, you can find a Garden, a Hedge Tree, a Glowing Cauldron, a Nightmare Vortex, an Ectoplasm Pit, a Goblin Eye, an Antique Clock, a Graveyard Plot and a General Store Front.

On the fourth page, you can find a Lamp Post, a Log Wall, a Magical Garden, a Mini Ghost, a Penguin Mannequin and a Magic Crystal Ball.

On the fifth page, you can find Monster Library Shelves, Monster Bleachers, Monster Library Table, a Monster Eye Pillar, a Monster Food Buffet, a Candy Stash, a Rectangle Rug, a Stone Walkway and a Multi-Pane Window.

On the sixth page, you can find an X-ray Machine, Tall Grass, a Wood Stove, The Count’s Couch and a Window Basket.

On the seventh and final page, you can find a Weathered Path, a Tall Snowy Tree, a Trashcan and a Wishing Well.

There are also new Halloween Igloos out but no hidden items in them!


That’s all for this month! I’d love to see the amazing Halloween igloos you guys make! Send me a picture of them and show me your Halloween spirit!! Have a fang-tastic day Ice Warriors!


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