Q&A: Favorite Activities: CPR Edition

Hi Ice Warriors!

Hope everyone have a wonderful day today! As we all know it’s Tuesday, and you what time that is… Q&A :0. From the title, you’ll notice I’ll be talking about CPR. With most of the fun games and unique outfits updated, I asked our IW troops and staff some related questions and posted a poll that you might saw yesterday in #🙋┃polls-and-qotd channel. Want to see the results?👀 Go ahead and click continue reading!

First off, let’s see the result of the poll. I asked about the recently updated Card Jitsu game in CPR! A lot of people really loved this game. With its release how many people are in IW who wanted to play?

Question: Are you excited to play the updated Card Jitsu in CPR? :cards:

Result: 28 Yes, 3 No

Let’s now ask some people!

What’s your favorite game in Club Penguin and what do you think it’s the hardest one?

Josh: Favorite: Dance Contest
Hardest: Catchin’ Waves

Piya: Hmmm… my favorite game in club penguin is def. CARD JUJITSU , mostly cause I like those animations of power cards, its fun. And the hardest one for me is aqua grabber🧍‍♀️, might be easy for some ppl but its just hard for me to control and is time consuming

What outfit do you like for this month’s catalog and maybe the one that we used in the recent events?

Hunter: If we are talking about the outfits used in the events recently then I would say I liked the ninja outfit.

Purple: My favourite outfit would probably be the sushi one :peaceplead: cause I love sushi 🍣

Recent Ninja Training event

Do you like meeting the mascots in CPR and who’s your favorite?

Seck Siman: HMHMHMHM, I met only 2. I met Puffle Handler and Herbert. Herbert was my fav ig, he said funny dialogues all along the way. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with PH

Queen Anna: Cadence, and yes I do love meeting them on CPR

One of the visit from Cadence

And that is it for this week’s Q&A! What’s your favorite game in CPR? Write it down in the comment. As usual don’t forget about the March Madness battle very soon and react and attend to our events coming up for training as it gets closer #📆┃event-information. #IWSTRONK:buffle: and peace out!

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