Edit by Filppers7: Playa, no matter what you say, were NEAUTRAL. We can’t afford a war right now. We should stick to recruiting. We need to recruit more until we can go to war. Everyday, we’ve been getting less and less troops on the chat. We need to work getting more people on the chat. We really need to practice game strategys/PBs. Think about it…..we need to stay NEAUTRAL and work on somethings first.

By the way, didn’t you say we’re only in this war to fight Golds? Like Boomer said: If you want to fight Golds, fight them in a seperate war. We can fight Golds, but first, we need to get a little more troops.

Re: What are you talking about? We didn’t even have a meeting yet and I did’t even make an edit. Jeez, calm down… And no, I never said we were in this war to fight the Golds. I said the only way to fight in the war is to declare war on the Golds.

Toolbar Banner MFEdit by Filppers7: Playa, we are NEAUTRAL until further notice. I talked with Icey on the chat and he said were NEAUTRAL. You might get it you’re way by helping RPF. There will be a LEADERS MEETING tomorrow night. Like you said; Let the best man win =P


Edit by Rugrat: Playa, from my point of view I dont think we should get in this war because although it might help us get more active we will be going against allies if we pick either side. In one side we have two of our allies, ACP and UMA while in the other side we have RFW which is also one of our allies. Personally if I had to choose who to side with it would have to be ACP, UMA, and Golds only because they’ve helped us more in the past while RFW has helped us but not as much as the other armies.


Hey guys. It’s Godplayer/Playa here, and I want to share some of my opinions (to anyone who thinks this is not allowed to be posted, I can and will prove you wrong :twisted: ) on the problem currently at hand.

ACP, Golds, UMA vs. RFW, IMAF, ST

Well, let’s examine this for a moment. Starting with the ACP, what can you say? Arguably and respectively, they are the biggest (perhaps not strongest) army of Club Penguin. They have perhaps over 180 active soldiers, and have over three XAT provided chats. But for now, numbers won’t count, the thing that does count would be the way you use your numbers. ACP doesn’t use it’s size properly, and even though they can, they shouldn’t use it to bully other armies. Yes, you can say “Oh, well the RFW said some stuff on site and chat, blah blah blah”. But, so what? It’s a chat. Get over it. Things will be said, kicks and bans will be given, but you can always click your adress bar and delete “xat.com/therfw” and type in “xat.com/thenachosofclubpenguin” or “xat.com/umapwnz” or “xat.com/icewarriors”. So just get over the world we live in, not everyone is nice.

Now, the Golds. I don’t blame the Golds or hold them responsible for much, because RFW invaded Sleet during a PB, and they’re basically blood-thirsty for war. The lesson to be learned is choose who to fight alongside and against wisely.

And UMA. Slowly, steadily, UMA is making its comeback. UMA now has over 20 active troops, and is growing. They have more power then potentially ever before, and as well as the Golds, want some war. They would do anything, so the lesson to be learned would beuse your power against the right people.

Now coming back to numbers, numbers count as well. ACP+Golds+UMA = c. 210 soldiers. That’s a big number, and in this type of war, I’m positive these armies will know how to properly use the numbers. Let’s hope they don’t.

ACP, Golds, UMA vs. RFW, IMAF, ST

RFW, like UMA, is coming to power once again as well. They probably have a little over 20 troops, and a small nation. They do not want trouble, and who would have possibly thought that a couple of ACP disses that were forgotten about would cause so much to happen? RFW has medium numbers, but knows how to use them adequately.

Now, for IMAF. Most of us (including me :? ) don’t know who they are. From what I’ve heard, they’ve never had more than 10 soldiers in action. So, I don’t know what to say… 8O

And lastly, ST. ST is an army with a long, long history, and a period of violence here and there. ST definitely knows how to fight, and how to use its numbers, but lately, I haven’t seen much of them. They have pretty small numbers, and their tactics are OK. So basically, ST is not much of a help.They are help, but not much of it.

Now examine this:

ACP, Golds, UMA vs. RFW, IMAF, ST, IW

What do you notice? Yup, IW. I think that IW should help this “trio”, because

  1. We could use a real challenge…
  2. It is an opportunity to help grow our size and get a little ahead of schedule.
  3. We’ll get to keep our troops! :D

Even though we are definitely not large enough to fight alone against ACP, our combined tactics, wisdom, and knowledge can defeat the ACP, Golds, and UMA any day. We make a great addition to the RFW team, despite our temporary low numbers.

So reviewing all the bold letters and the paragraphs, tell me what you think… And for all the new people reading this, don’t go with the popular vote. I remember when I was a recruit, I used to hate Oagal because the people around me did. Then, when I got experience, I realized that Oagal was one of the wisest and most influencial people this game could ever wish for. So think about it carefully, not just the noobs, but even Person, Icey, Kyle, everyone. Stay neutral, or help the ones in need of the help?


~~Liberty’s Warrior~~

Ice Warriors Unbeatable

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