Promotion/Demotion Day and Soldier of the Month

Filppers7: Here’s the deal with 4th Command. If you’re aLieutenant General, (the rank before 4th command) you don’t get promoted to 4th command. 4th Command is one of those special ranks where you have to work hard. If we do promote everyone to 4th command, it will be crowded. So if your a Lieutenant General, you have to work hard to be 4th Command.

Ruggy: Everyone who asked for a Promotion got it. Go check in the ranks if you were one of those people. Also if you dont have a division go sign up for one, we will add you as soon as we can. Also Icey I need to talk to you about adding more authors to the site ASAP.

Hey guys Rugrat here once again with Promotion Day aswell as Demotion day. Its been about a month since we had a Promotion/Demotion day so i thought it was time for one. This month many people got promoted since we got a lot of new recruits. But as you can see in the title there were also people who got demoted for either being inactive or quitting.



Sky Blue=Promotion


Orange=In danger of being Demoted

Leader- Iceyfeet1234

2nd in Command- Flippers7

3rd in Command-  Rugrat93, Playa123


4th in Command- Gjh, Escargo, Rexx49136, and Rockinater

Senior Warriors (Warriors over 1 year  old and who ARE Retired.)- Hillman,Penguin23800094, Icey1450, Mr. Drumline, and Iceburgh24.

Lieutenant General- Indigoflare,  Akaboy123, Soccerfan8, ArcticSledder

Head General-Sokka25, Polarpen98, Yungtj83, Oboe123

Major General- Speedy hi 1, Magma781, 381 Nascar


Head Colonel: Kj Bulldogs1, Ramz3000, Andrew24, Aan10, Maxwolf101, Coolkid4040

Colonel- Chodanblue, Bottlefanta, Tap Dancer36, Pipwater192, Spongie555

Head Major- Zeke1, Big Goonie, Person1233, Pengyster48, Spartanate, Maddy4, Soccerpr, Jim456, Pete852, Wasablix

Major- Potatoes4, Pringle64, Ormsbydroid1, Ogre2, Monkey Ap, Monkeyihij, Trevor Cade, Crazieboy9, Ralto15, Axe100

Captain- Foxtails, Red7227, Pengaflop, Laxdude43, Chriseton, Snowrunt555, Mango90, Purpur522, Clumsy6, Dogy4, Wojanna2, Eddie1675, King Kinz 10, Motor20, Crazyman508, Wurstner101, Pickleman19

Marshall- Mo Mo1357, Skippy903, Magoo98, Satch, HeadPolice, Tilgen, Puckley, Batista1882, Ltshaqcena10, Froogly, Jedimaster17, Double0o8, Webber30, 1kingdonut, kprocks1, San Chivas

Lieutenant- Idsi, Jet Nugget, Choco late9, Bloobloo1, Cats2525, Weamer, Samuel1000, Target1000, Yankees225, Chantell, Benu2, Mr Champ2,Therinator1, Howddy Yall, Tone739, Chapa23, Djgtjvgyhxgy, Mr Sleek10, Holsters1, Wurburt45348, Rice44, Frostbite375, Alexrodrigus, Greenarms00

Warrant Officer- Klimster, Policeman558, Candyboy8, Saint1119, Thebest22,Bluebunny7, Jingle Jay, Glerkk, Hawk Sss, Lucario564, Jackdawson4, Icebird1997, Jediseth, Electric4555, Puxido, Nb45, Sparckels9571

Sergeant- Pugsrock40, Claymcnabb, Browser128, Penguin70735761, Mr. Mario4, Money123432, 123nico26, Muzzy Jr, 77hockey, Bammarenga3, Hawk Nelly, Dhfd, Ninja4778, Roald8, Solraida, Percaso, Hulkstir24, Balloon451, Raven511426, Agent Cool Y, Redblast1000, Cap79, Dylan5001, Fresca39, Conno11, Crazy Tow, Rockonchiro, Suelily, Aberacer, Moon Person, Marchofthepe, Love4life5, Bad Lizard, Aggie Bomber, ACP Warrior, Mmaattss, Mixing Red, Gangiel, Ryancrying12,Oberst543, Tuxedo Man47, John16126, Ads354, Ogda900, Nickjonas116, Fabby201,Altheae, Mogul321, Ianspenguin, Spark2

Corporal -Scoobymad, Fogdude, Pinngmass, Blue102,Flaming pie, Timeboy07, Berry0119, Tizzletime, Hohji08, Marchmellowo0o, Squattyblue, Realplayer7, Ikumiku, Nate95000, Unicow, Cpt Sulkes, Digby8, Skylanne, Pmc08, Slimy102, Sgt. Paul Jackson. Kansas234, Aqwarium, Cutypop1, Tapdancer36, Liamae, Maxy8899, Toyo789, Ipod263, Lovesong3, Kaerine25, Sangi99, Khalgar1, Harry999, Bart Bo29, Happyface141, Denethor, Wolves25, Speek, Srappy, Sparckles9571, Saihaj1, Pieman9091, Penor343, Obione4321, Zippywaddler, Rowks, Mgmbl311, Leamae108, Fiasco 121, Joe38, Grabes31, Feephill, Youg3, Person535, Twigtig, Brifcore, Kknd444, Qazplmks3, Sugar123, Togglery66, Wohoo10, Olafe479, Ramone 6 18, Scrappy, Micah Icah, Dannywsa1998, Amitc87, Thomas0270, TotalN00b,Elwoodblues3, Bluey92123, Man300, Vio789, 4996Dexter, Wmb98, Dx Man9,Blueblacky34, Yanksrule14, Shadows549, Shedinja777, Hbk399, Sabrena4, Ogre2, Lumarnara, Joey Anthony, Blacky199, Eric E, Collen570, Flibo44, Anican09, Gleego, Kknd444, Wolfpup78, Jakesyl

Private- Note: Recruits start here-Redbunny7. Cyrt10, Axevolution, ACP Penguin, Bonez1504, Leoblue33, Icey Lava, 1lday998, Dogboy355jr, Dexter Love, Big Pery, Hosj9123, Boldog1245, Tj1315, Trooper7890, Quacker66, Bxmr11, ACP Guy, Hamie111, Kean73, Spongebam, Matt, Djtcool1, Tinyfinn, Sordman456, Billionfold, Kjacques, Mr Loko, Excoolstartz, Hond887, Speedyjason9, Wgfv, Gluglucute, Cutiecassie3, Apocolypse66, Sheepman, Tman685, Tigerman437, Aybaybay2020, Jmax09, Flapjack, Dan Solo, Arwen50507, Spyboy112, Bleu Missy, Ponchon, Mansuper3, Acer123, Berdbrain, Metal Box, Deco539, Takeda95, Zim66, Thomas0270, Gavadi22, Superdaisy24, Magic777, Rabo4, Stev71, Magic077, Jennings27, Kakashi781, Josh9123, Schwaz2, Alexrodrigus, Bryancool45, Bedamon6, Tgpcds, Bobby66276, Icemen, Freepro, Edge126, Lety2, Jimmy325jr, Goofyh2obird, Scar4826, Red Team5454, Bingster, Brendnai7, Pujolsfan3, Waddly2571, Jaguarjoce00, Kingblackeye, Warriorii, Blocparty97, Kirk743, Maxi96206, Katelin656, Hi Hi byebye, Pingo Nash, Joe Jonas926, Jermy Gueva, Biggio8, 0102, Iceacelace, Penguin66671235, Danny24418, Hi Yellow Hi, Harvin13, Raichu5, Is Be, Cole635870, Calliflowery, Daisys50, Kaisin, Natecat33, Mriofire99, Eduardbest1,Xgirl313, Ninja Shodow, Shawnster3, Honkzo6, Double0o8, Bleedyuffles, Hallow42628,Jjoonn, Cjuniour, Noelle Ninja, Sorceror365, Mical456, Paintballah

We got a lot of promotions this month, keep up the good work guys. If you think you deserved to be Promoted leave a comment with your CP name and your reason. If your not in the ranks leave a comment with your CP name and I will add you A.S.A.P. Everyone who got promoted Congratulations and remember to stay active. If you got demoted try to be more active next month.

Soldier of the Week

Since I dont really post a lot on the site I decided to do the Soldier of the week thing every month instead of every week when I do Promotions. This month I picked Arctic Sledder as Soldier of the month. He is a very loyal and dedicated soldier who always follows our orders when we are in CP. I think he is one of the best soldiers we have mostly because hes stayed active for a long time without lying or betraying us like some of you <Glares at those who betrayed us>. Thank you for staying active to IW Arctic.

[Insert Picture here]

Arctic Please come on chat tomorrow when ever you can so that I can go on CP tomorrow and get a picture of your penguin.

~Rugrat Ice Warriors future 2nd in Command~

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