Club Penguin Medieval Party Cheats/New Pin/New Play/Ice Warrior News

Hey guys Rugrat here with an update on CP news. Its been a while since I’ve posted in the site so this is going to be a long post. First of all the Medieval Party is in Club Penguin right now so go check that out.

Club Penguin Medieval Party Cheats

1. Go to the Town.
2. Click on the poster in the lower left.

Medieval party Cheats.6

Click on “Go there” on the Poster

Medieval party Cheats.7

Go through the Members only gate which will take you to the next room.

Medieval party Cheats.5

Once you get to the room stand on all the platforms until the ball things light up. Once you’ve done all 5 move on to the next room.

Medieval party Cheats.4

As soon as you get to the next room get the Golden Shield. Once you get that start shooting the targets until you’ve completed shooting at 50 targets. Once you’ve completed that move on to the next room.

Medieval party Cheats.3

Next as soon as you get to the next room get the Golden Knights helmet. Go throught the maze and follow these steps:

Medieval party Cheats.2

1. Down
2. Left
3. Down
4. Right
5. Right
6. Up

Once you’ve done that you’ll arrive to the final room where you will be able to get the Golden Knights Armor. Once you get the armor you can exit out of the room from the brown door or using your map.

Medieval party Cheats.1

Here’s how to find the free item for the Medieval party:

1. Click on the map in the lower left.

2. Go to the Lighthouse.

3. Click on the wizard hat.

Medieval party Cheats

New Pin

Here’s the new Club Penguin pin cheat:

1. Click on the map in the lower left.

2. Go to the Plaza.

3. Click on the sewer drain.

4. Go to the Boiler room.

5. Click on the Pin Maker 3000.

Pin Cheat

Club Penguin Costume Trunk Cheats

Click on the Costume Trunk to in the lower right hand corner.

Play Cheats.4

To get the Red Viking helmet click on the small red viking helmet.

Play Cheats.3

Play Cheats.2

To get the blue viking helmet click on the small red viking helmet 4 times.

Play Cheats.1

To get the Golden Viking helmet keep the blue viking helmet open and then click on the Red Viking Helmet the Purple Penguin is wearing.

Play Cheats

Once you’ve done that your up to date on everthing in Club Penguin.

Ice Warriors News

As many of you should know tomorrow we will be having a PB with ST aswell as a recruiting session. Here are the details for both of these events.

Recruiting Session

Where: Mammoth

When: Saturday


Eastern: 1:00 P.M.

Central: 12:00 P.M.

Mountain: 11:00 A.M.

Pacific: 10:00 A.M.

UK: 6:00 P.M.

Practice Battle with ST

Where: Parka Snow Forts

Who: IW vs. ST Practice Batttle

When: 7 PM EST




Everyone who comes to either the Recruiting Session or Practice Battle with ST will be given 2 Medals for each event.

Comment a 1 if you can make it, a 2 if you cant, and a 3 if you dont know.

We also have some goverment positions open.

Chief Justice –

  • Has the right to decide the overall punishment of an outlaw.
  • Does not command any of the above or below listed ranks.
  • If the above or below listed ranks are sentenced to court, Chief Justice is allowed to sentence punishment.
  • Judge of every case unless absent.
  • No judge shall bribe for their own personal/commercial gain.

Secretary of Homeland Security: These people are in charge of getting patrols through at least once a week.

Presidential Advisor: This person advises the Government.

Internal Affairs Secretary: The person in this position handles things that happeninside the U.S.I.W.

Defendant Lawyer: He/She is responsible for proving the defendant innocent.

Consulate: 4 Seats

Senator: 1 Seat

Safety Committee – Decide the best way to defend the U.S.I.W. – Leader:

Defense CommitteeDecide the strategy in war to use against enemies – Leader:

Recruiting Committee – Decide the best way to gain new recruits – Leader:

One last thing is that this weekend me and Icey will be working on Promotions so make sure to attend these last two events this weekend.

~Rugrat Ice Warriors future 2nd in Command~

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