Training Session/Tactic Session

Hello Ice Warriors,

Since we don’t really schedule events in the week I decided that it would be good if I scheduled something this week so that we wouldn’t be bored on chat. The other reason why I wanted to have this events is because we will be having 4 PB’s this weekend and I believe we need to train in order to win those PB’s. That being said we will have a Training/Tactic Session this week. Here is the Info you need to know:

Training/Tactic Session

When: Thursday, February 11

Where: Sub Zero, Snow Forts

Why: To practice some old tactics and to learn some new ones


3:30pm pst, 4:30pm mst, 5:30pm cst, 6:30pm est, 11:30pm gmt

I know its after school and I know you guys have tons of homework but its only going to last about 15-30 minutes so please try to make these events. We will need at least 20-30 people to show up to this event in order to do the new tactics.

~Ruggy Ice Warriors Advisor

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  1. As of right now I should be able to make it.


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