IWTC ready next week!!

Hey! Well the title pretty says everything so I do hope the troops could join Ice Warriors Training Camp!! IWTC will be axcepting troops next Wednesday and for the Teachers we will be axcpeting right now so get commenting on the join page!! For more information please check out the link below.

Heres the link: http://iwtrainingcamp.wordpress.com/

I really do hope te get a new set of active cadets and teahcers 😉

IWTC HAVING AN EARLY START GO TO http://iwtrainingcamp.wordpress.com/join AND JOIN TODAY! THIS WILL BE YOUR CHANCE TO UNDERSTAND THE TACTICS AND HISTORY OF IW! Hope to see the new recruits 😉

p.s. Icey make the iwtc banner as one of the widgets please.

8 Responses

  1. WOOT 1st comment and, if u were in IWTC earlier, will u still be in it?


  2. yeah do we restart if we were already in it


  3. 3rd!


  4. yup its restarting


  5. i still wanna be some sort of teacher


  6. Im sorry guys, but I no longer have time for IW. I Donut67890 IW Colonel would like to retire. I would also like my rank back should I ever return. Thanks for everything IW 😀


  7. err, were doing all these battles, and everything today, we ought to postpone newcomers class


  8. I would like to be a teacher


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