Invasion of Half Pipe/Defense of Sub Zero

Edit: If you want to be a photographer for IW make sure to look at the post below this one!

Edit #2: Can one of the Editors on the site please update the Join page and Divisions Page Please! Thank You!

First of all I would like to thank each and every Ice Warrior who came to yesterdays defense of Husky. Because of you, we were able to defend Husky Successfully from the Orange Alliance. Next, to make this war more interesting we will be invading Half Pipe from Tacos, Golden Warriors, Hot Sauce Army, and Watex Warriors. This will be one of the biggest battles ever between OA and IW so make sure to come to this one its very important. Here are all the details:

Invasion of Half Pipe:

Where: Start at Half Pipe, Town (Be on Ice Warriors Chat)

When: Saturday, February 27


Eastern: 8:00 A.M.

Central: 7:00 A.M.

Mountain: 6:00 A.M.

Pacific: 5:00 A.M.

GMT (UK): 1:00 P.M

Central Europe: 2:00 P.M

Eastern Europe: 3:00 P.M

Recently GW made a post explaining why they lost the battle of Husky. One of those reasons was because the times were to early for their European troops. Whats funny about this is that they made the times so I don’t know why they’re complaining about it. Maybe its because they lost but who knows 🙄 . I know its early for US troops but I expect ALL Eastern time and UK/European troops to come to this event! Make sure to be on IW chat while in this invasion.

Next is the Defense of Sub Zero. This is probably the most important battle. Although we wont be defending it against OA we will be defending it against CPST (Part of OA). They think they can defeat us but we’ll prove them wrong. No one messes with Sub Zero. Here are the Details:

Defense of Sub Zero:

When: Saturday,  Febuary 27th

Where: Sub Zero Town (Be on IW Chat)

Why: Because its our Capital


12:00 PM PST

1:00 PM MST

2:00 PM CST

3:00 PM EST

8:00 PM UK

9:00 PM Central Europe

10:00 PM Eastern Europe

Who: CPST vs IW (No Allies)

Un-like the times for the Half Pipe invasion these are fair for Both US troops and European Troops. I’m expecting at least 40 people to attend this Defense since it is our Capital.

Comment if you can make it!

War has come home

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

37 Responses

  1. I can come to the Sub Zero one but the not the other one 😀


  2. i have to wake up at 5:00 ?!?!?

    No you do not…only EST troops and UK are Required to go.


  3. I thik I can make it to both :0


  4. Comin to the 2nd One! 1st is 5….too early!


  5. Dude, OA soldiers are mostly in PST time zone, as well as HSA.


  6. I think i wil probaly be aloud to go to both. I will defintly be at Sub0


  7. I will definatly attend the Invasion of Half Pipe and for the Sub Zero… I cant come.


  8. I will try, I will come, but im liely to forget…


  9. i think i can come to both


  10. i can make both woot for uk!


  11. I can come.


  12. i think i can make both


  13. Im coming.


  14. im coming


  15. im coming and lol icey is 13th on his own post xD


  16. i can make both but i mite be a little latte to the Half pipe invasion


  17. i think i can come to both, but the 1st one is at 7 in the morning for me lol. i have a basketball game from 10-1 so i might be able to go to the second one.


  18. i cant come to either. the invasion is 5:00Am for me, and im going somewhere on saturday later in the evening. sorry


  19. I will be at both!


  20. I’ll try to make it to the defense of Sub Zero, and I might not make to the invasion of Half Pipe, although I’ll try my best.


  21. ill come to the 1st and maybe the 2nd because i have soccer but i dont know what time


  22. I can try to go to both but waking at 8 is hard for me! (no 6 is wartime i just have a hard time waking at 8 XP )


  23. Invasion= 50/50 chance, i might be sleepin 😛
    Protection= I will make it


  24. Im coming


  25. I cant go , sorry 😦

    ~! Diaa Lotfi !~ :mrgreen:


  26. I might no be ble to attend the attack, but I can be here for the defence


  27. i can definately go to the earlier one but i might not beable to go to the 3:00 EST one.


  28. 10% chance i can go


  29. 7 AM? Wtf, I’m not even awake by 2:00 PM.


  30. IDK if I can come spelling bee


  31. I was told the Defense was at 12:00 pm Central time, now it’s 2:00 pm Central? I’ll show up at 2:00 P.M. Cst then.

    By the way im still alive, so re-add me to the ranks please, and thanks.


  32. Icey. Your times. Suck. For. Eastern standard time. >:l

    if you expect me to wake up at 8 in the morning on a saturday to save some europeans, then your a wee bit demented.


  33. Wow really? Most of the Oa has PST soldiers and gw have some Uk but not as much as we usually did. You did not tell us you were invading. And most of us had a one day or no notice at all.

    Way to plan an invasion at 5 in the morning.

    Gw is invading snowmobile.
    Hsa invaded Freezer successfully,
    ww is invading tundra,
    cpst is invading snow drift.

    Ok so out of that you won one server (unfairly because you made it at 5 Am.)

    You lost freezer (don’t complain about hsa not commenting saying they warned you because you did not warn us.

    And you have 3 more servers to defend. Gw will probably also invade another one for your wimpy acts of making it 5 AM so alot of iw could go and not much Oa.


    • rlly rioters ur going to be ttht immature about it? wow. we DID warn you about the invasion we put a post on our site (unlike HSA which just decided they wanted to invade freezer and never posted it on their site ) its not our fault ur troops are in PST. So if u wanna be a littl n00b about it than u can go cry to ur f3cking mom


  34. this good?


  35. if your in virgina what time it will be?


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