New Job

Hello, Artic here.  I have had this idea for a while, but after some recent battles I have decided to take Action. From now on we will have 3 official photographers.  The requirements are simple. You must have

A. Hypercam (Free download at

B. Capture by George (Free Download at

C. Rank of Major General or above.

D. A rather fast computer (to handle CP, Chat and hypercam all running at once)

The process of these photographers will go like this.

First, they will film the entire battle with the hypercam, showing the whole room. After the battle they will review the battle on there computers video player, And take pictures of important scenes in the video.  If they want the can upload the whole battle on youtube in seperate parts. When finished, they will edit the pictures/Video link into the battle post (Each will be editors). 

Depending on how many sign up, I wll choose th photographers. Also, one of the photographers will be asked to not talk on chat to much, so 50 percent of the Video isnt chat.


16 Responses

  1. Can I sign up to be one? 😀
    I got all the things that you need.


  2. I attend all battles and i have all the things u need but im not a mod rank. can i still send the videos to u so u can upload it or something


  3. lol i dont have hypercam.


  4. I want to sign up to be one.


  5. Besides, I have all the requirements.


  6. Don’t use Hypercam! It leaves that ugly Unregistered Hypercan crap in the upper left. Go with CamStudio if you have Windows. Or, pirate Camtasia Studio 6, which is da best ^.^


  7. Well, I’ve already constructed and I’m running the Ice Warriors YouTube channel, just so ya know. I’m great at recording and putting together videos. I have Windows 7 and I use the newest “movie maker” around. I’m not that good when it comes to effects, but that can be arranged….


  8. I can


  9. I’m not a mod rank but I can take pictures and videos. However , Icey doesn’t want major general below , I will leave the links in a comment.


  10. Hey Icey add me to the ranks as a colonel Like u promised (d) and my Cp name is Goh Laser1 and really plzzz do I should be able to make it 2 the battle


  11. use camstudio! its free and dosent have that hypercam box in it! USE THIS INSTEAD!


  12. Hello, I am in ACP and I am a Major General and I have Hypercam, UltraSnap which is my favorite picture taker… and I am kind of known as the ACP photogropher. I do great interviews and I will always do my job.


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