We Won/Defense of Tundra Results

Good Job Ice Warriors! We won! Now Ill expect alot of OA replying to that, but Ill talk about that later. Here are some pictures.

Ruggy’s Pictures: I came 30 minutes late to the battle so I was only able to take 2 pictures.

Alex’s Pictures: Not in order

Anyways, heres why we won. At 3EST the war started and both sides charge into the snowforts. We were largely outnumbered, But then after a few minutes of dancing while We attacked OA Just goes to the town. We are outnumbered again, They leave the room again. We begin gaining people in the dock, and when do a massive Puffle Bomb they run to the beach. After continuing the attack there they run to the cove (See a pattern?) and we lose a few people. But then they went to the iceberg, where we were charging them constantly and were starting to win. Then they went to the mine,  and the same thing happens there. Then we go to the ice Rink and icey shows up.  We J bombed them and they went to the Ski hill.  We puffle bomb there and then they started going to the nightclub saying they win, While we attack them continuesly and then they leave the server.

Long story short, every room they went to we followed and then they would run away from the room, Not capturing the room. And no this wasnt like 3 recruits attacking them, it Was every IW online. If  they dont have the patience to stay and fight us they shouldnt be fighting.


Yesterday WW planned to invade Tundra from us at the same time CPST was going to invade Sub Zero. Since Sub Zero was full CPST decided to re-schedule it some other day. By this time WW had already been on Tundra for about 5 minutes. As soon as we logged on we saw about 5-7 WW and began to attack them. Obviously we won and to prove that we won here are some pictures:

Overall we had +40 people on chat and about 20-30 people on CP. By looking at all the pictures you can tell that we definitely won the defense and defended Tundra successfully. Maybe next time WW.

47 Responses

  1. Check ww, and gw. Oa outnumbered Iw by ALOT and crushed you bad. and tacos its like 2 against 20 pictures. And you took the pictures whenever we were changing rooms….wow

    Edit: Put all your comment into one


  2. we were changing rooms during those pics -.-


  3. say rio, how old are you again? i forgot. 4 or 5?


  4. Here my pictures


  5. on the post.

    First picture – We were using our maps to go to the ice rink

    2nd pic – we were going to night club to celebrate a victory

    3rd pic- we were war face charging the beach, most oa was already at the beach

    4th pic – we were going to ski hill there…only the idol oa were still at the ice rink

    5th pic – we went to the ski village. Only the idol oa were still there

    6th pic – same as 2nd

    7th pic – same as 1st

    8th pic – we were at iceberg. only idol oa were there still

    9th pic – we won after an hour and a half of owning and were telling everybody to log off so you didn’t think you were beating us because we had 2 soldiers left on xD

    10th pic – we were partying before we logged off lol.

    Now we would fight in each room for a good 10-20 minutes then push on to the next room after beating the ice warriors in the room. Boomer20 was leading us so im sure you should know that he was leading right concidering he was one of the greatest acp leaders out there…


    • But you never beat us. Its not a victory unless IW leave. And in the ons where you were “changing rooms” Does IW looked defeated?


      • Get a life. We outnumbered you. Period.

        Edit:Lol from the looks of the pictures it seems as if we outnumbered you xD.


      • Get A Life? LOLWUT???


      • Um… those are pictures, if you were at the battle, you cannot deny you were out-numbered the WHOLE battle. You didn’t even say we had a huge Joke Bomb at the Snow Forts, and when you said a huge Puffle Bomb, it had no effect at all. Our charges were large enough to completely cover you up. http://i46.tinypic.com/dpth6a.jpg OA’s Joke Bomb completely covered you up. No lie.


      • except when we were changing rooms :roll:*


      • O.O whoever edited vickz pic, you fail


  6. There i am! XD


  7. i was in those pics and chat cool 😀


  8. OA was defeated
    OA must fall
    WE SHALL WIN!!!!!
    IW FTW!!!!
    i could only see myself in two of the pictures


  9. OA got beaten BADDD !! And it was like 5 major armies?

    Lmao , OA were “changing rooms” 🙄


  10. Leading for a few minutes was fun *wary* btw nice battle IW.


  11. you guys took all those pics when you retreated, or when we were still getting in the room, or leaving the room. you guys just face it, we won


    • IW chased to every ROOM on the server.Don’t say that you guys won. In my opinion , this was a tied. The size doesn’t matter , what matters is who captured or defended the most rooms. In this case , IW followed OA where ever they went.


      • ”IW chased to every ROOM on the server” sentence I mean that IW chased OA to every room they went on the server.


  12. heck man i think you should of put in that we turn the night club BLUE.


  13. Look, we have accepted defeat two times (even though they should be tie). But you guys cannot accept defeat once? We outnumbered you, we had better tactics, and we invaded all the rooms. Your saying we were retreating? LOL Why would we retreat if we were owning you guys. For once accept defeat, you know IW lost but you cant accept it and just make up excuses and say we lost. We won, and OUR pics where all IW and OA are in the same room shows that we won. Unlike your pics when we are moving rooms. 🙄


    • We need a freaking rule so all armies deny that we didn’t “invade right” or we “retreated” when we clearly owned you. Btw, attack is a noun, attack doesn’t mean owning noobs, so I think you mean putting up Puffles and Jokes and not really charging…


      • @Vicx
        There is a rule of invading and a guide on how to invade a server. IW were the ones to defend the server. We went to each room , that OA went. IW outnumbered OA in some parts.Lmao your the ones heart bombing and joke bombing. So stop talking.


    • Okay so your saying that Heart Bombs , Formations , J Bombs are better than ours? First of all IW used the SAME tactics as you guys. We used Puffle Bombs , Joke Bombs and Formations. Almost like you guys but different emotes,Retreating? the point of invading is to capture rooms. OA did capture rooms , it’s not all about the size , Saiy.Outnumbered doesn’t matter anything , were not in a battle to see whos gets outnumbered most of the time.We will not admit defeat , due to CP Warfare the point is you didn’t invade it that’s why were not admitting defeat.Excuses? These are facts , for your information.I see that you guys have pictures. Like I said in this situation IW are defending rooms , whatever OA went we went there. So it’s actually a tie , we both captured the same amount of time.


  14. In the response of sai , last sentence I mean rooms not time.


  15. Hey its great to see pics back on the site again. Good job guys.


  16. I think we won. But who knows. We need like a judge or something (It sounds n00bish but I think it is a good idea) So yeah we need someone who will not judge badly on niether IW or OA. Somone like Woton from CPA Central. I think it is a good idea 😀


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