Heres whats going on here and i think its a major ploblem!

Heres what happened my dad told me IF I KEEP PLAYING COMPUTER ALOT I will have to move to a different school so….

Heres whats going to happen:

Mon – Thurs. UP TO 7:00 PM Fri- Sun. UP TO 8:00 So this is going to be hard.

Maybe at summer I can play all I want, so I cant just play all I want now because of school 😐 Im sorry if we have plans today of other besides Friday and Saturda,y nor Sunday. No wait sunday is up to 7:00 so anyways, this is going to be hard for me to come sometimes so make it a bit earlier so I can get on before turning off computer!

So this is going to be hard, anyways dont blame me BLAME SCHOOL

That is all for today and im not kidding


  ~Nickle37915 – Im so not a nickel and give me pie!! 😀

5 Responses

  1. “blame school”? :mrgreen: “ploblem”? :mrgreen:


  2. same times like me nickle. xD Atleast I know how you feel *wary*


  3. sos 2 here dat sofia


  4. school is good its a part of life if you want to grow up to be a hobo thats fine you wont get far without a education


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