Hi guys! Guess what? Im going to a compition next Monday. Its math 24 compition. The person who wins at the last round of the district compition wins a trophy and a medal and a math 24 t-shirt! So im the only 4th grader representing my elementary school! so wish me luck! P.s. its during school so i dont have to go home late O_O

So anyways bye for now!

 ~Nickle37915 😀 gimmie pie 😛 or else 😐

15 Responses

  1. Nice job and your in fourth grade 😮 wow anyway here is some pie (pie) 😉


  2. You want some of me? (SMIRK)


  3. nice work nickel good luck at your math braniac compititon and you r forth 0.0 u must have lot of smarticles


  4. Good luck on your competition, YOSHI YOSHI :mgreen:
    And you’re grade 4? :O Whoa….I’m like 5 years older than you xP


  5. Good Luck! And here is some pie.


  6. AWESOME!! IM GRADE 4 TOO!! good luck. you’ll need it. :mrgreen:

    a short message: CP blocks some abbrieviations because they dont want noobs seeing dumb messages like “JOIN CPGRS”(club penguin gang raperz) 😆


  7. good luck nickle heres some pie O


  8. Good luck nickle. also, iw is in a tourney: most of the other armies posted about it.


  9. Good luck nickle lol here is some cake.


  10. Wow you made it. If my calculations are right, you will have Good Luck all the way!!! :mrgreen:


  11. good luck, err, that’s about it lol, I’m guessing you like maths…I’m rubbish at maths XD


  12. lol good luck nickle

    P.S. i was accepted into johns hopkins university center for talented youth and i was the only kid representing my school! and im only in third grade. lol were twins!


  13. Good Luck Nickle!!!*Throws pie in Nickle’s face* You never said where you wanted it! =P


  14. Neeeerrrrddddd

    Jk xD


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