IW Toolbar

Iceyfeet Edit: Owner Party Time!

Where: IW Chat

When: This Thursday



USA PARTY: 7:00PM EST, 6:00PM CST, 5:00PM MST, 4:00PM PST


Hey guys! I just made a new toolbar for the Ice Warriors. If you want to download the toolbar go check out this link:

Heres a little preview on how it looks link for now:

I will explain a few of the icons:

Ice Warriors Logo: There are alot of options to choose there, you can refresh the toolbar from that icon too. You can tell a friend about this toolbar which would be helpful :mrgreen:

Search Icon: Well thats pretty much it. You can search for anything you want there if its either Apps, Images, News etc.

Your Menu: Here you can find the link to our site and chat. Be sure to check it regularly

Iw site Icon: If you click on it, it will take you directly to our website

Iw chat Icon: Click it to chat with yor fellow comarades!

Clubpenguin Icon: Have fun patroling or just goof around.

Mail Icon: This is helpful becuase it will notify you if you have any unread messages to check.

Rss: Here I will be sending Messages about the latest happening on the site.Always check if there are new messages because I will send in stuff like battle info or meetings. Be sure to refresh the toolbar becuase i would be constatly making a few changes to it.

Radio: Just relax and listen to music.You can change the radio station if you want to!

Dont forget the download link is: http://IceWarriorsOfcp.OurToolbar.com/

Thank you for your time :mrgreen:


11 Responses



  2. Dont know why i would need a toolbar??I have the IW site on my favorites list .


  3. sofia that is awesome though I cnat dowload it on my mom or dads comp maby I can save up some money and by my own then dowload it :mrgreen:


  4. Guys, i will be EXTREMELY Unactive For 1-2 weeks because my computer needs to be repaired


  5. lol.


  6. Tool bar is smexy 😎 i downloaded it…does it work for google chrome?


  7. cooool! i will download it soon as i could! 😀


  8. i will be inactive for 2 weeks because of gill 😦


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