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Hey guys i know its early to post this but for the first day in international iw fun day there are the following activies: Egypt vs Greek vs Roman war ( for fun and most of us can do Egypt mummies are allowed for egypt uniform) Member games: Card jitsu fire, Dance contest, Sled racing – for everyone  Non members games: Connect4 Sled racing- for everyone and racing around cp- for everyone and card jitsu.  Types of games for xat Member can play chess Moderators can play connect four Owners play ANY game besides Connect 4 and Chess til second day cause its a big day.  So the first day is mainly games and fun activities but there more:  5 more wars battles or fun battles are : Psa vs Ninja ( lol it will be on mammoth ) Undead vs Living ( mummies zombies frankistein ect.) Non member vs members Fire ninjas vs Ninjas and Color wars ( any color vs any color )

Get ready for these battles
~Nickle37915 😀 GIMMIE PIE! 😛

11 Responses

  1. Im in.


  2. Same.


  3. LD128

    i’m comin its gonna be well good


  4. Woooooo lolrobber king


  5. Hey this sounds like fun 😛


  6. Im In definetly


  7. i am in


  8. That sounds epically fun but when is it


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