Since ACP didnt capture 5 major rooms, they did not win. Throughout the battle we numbered 25-55 which is amazing. We also got 50+ people on chat which I believe is a record for us. Also, I want to congratulate all IW for an awesome job. Lets repeat tommarow.  Pictures, in order:

The battle then starts

ACP go to the town ande J bomb

We stop an ACP smile bomb with Ice Warrior spams and puffles.

We make an epic puffle bomb.

Both sides calm down for a bit

Then we do an ICE WARRIORS charge while ACP sticks there tounges out like little kids

ACP then have to stoop down to tricking people out of the room

Nachos then go to the town and we handle the ACP in the forts

A nice J bomb

We nearly surround the boat. At ths point ACP leaves th town saying they claimed it, and then quickly runs through the nightclub andboiler room, saying they claim them too. Nachos reclaimed those rooms while we met ACP in the pool. Its hard to judge what happened here, but heres 2 pics I got.

We J bomb ACP

J bomb continues. These are all my pictures, more wil be added below. Cya!

Ruggy’s Pictures:

Once the battle began both ACP and us began to fight at the town. Since the town was full I had to stay at the plaza where other Ice Warriors who couldn’t get in were at (mostly non-members). At this point we numbered 30+ in the town, 5+ at the forts, and 20+ at the Plaza totaling 55+ in the server.

After fighting at the Snow forts and town ACP move to the nightclub then boiling room then into the pool where we follow them. (Note: Only about 2/3 of both armies troops were able to get in to the pool)

❗ 52 people on our chat ❗

Though we had 52 people on our chat, Xat Popular only counted 44.


Edit: Who keeps tring to spell my name ArcticSledder? :/

34 Responses

  1. Ice Warriors RULE!!!!!!!!


  2. I was there and will I get a promoton?


  3. U guys are so stupid XD artic found a way to squeeze through.


  4. ICE WARRIORS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. hey icey i was there for the entire time and i was wondering if i get a promotion?


  6. What I said is true, we did claim 5 rooms…


  7. Wooooo VICTORY!!



  8. I said the ACP in the forts as in the other ACP in there.


  9. Are you guys the only people that their reasoning for winning battles is because the other side didn’t “capture” 5 rooms? There was no winner. Battles should only be decided if one side obviously won.


  10. Id like to say good battle IW


  11. O there goes the sore losers of acp.Take it ilke the number 1 army accept defeat ……………………..


  12. O there goes the sore losers of acp.Take it ilke the number 1 army! Accept defeat……………


  13. ^^ fail…

    all ACP did was leave the room saying they claimed it. You didnt get more than iw or nachos so you didnt claim it.


  14. We taught them a lesson.Never underestimate the power of the ICE WARRIORS!!!!!!!.Good war today guys and Icey you have the best army.-Blaze1027 Lieutenant


  15. Kingjared, this post, is sore loosers. I bet if I was at your chat, id see your leaders saying (COME ON GUYS WE ARE LOOSING, WE CAN STILL WIN THIS!)


  16. WHOOOOOOOOO!!! W Strikes again =D – Arseus1215


  17. Great job guys, sorry I couldn’t come.
    Rinse, wash, and repeat as the instructions say >: D


  18. ^^ look whos the all-caps angry noob here -.-


  19. How do you get the picture showing how many people it was on the chat?


  20. acp fails… IW FOREVER


  21. im flamy fire in the town lol


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