Frozen Successfully Defended/ MFW?


Hey guys, yet again we won our battle, but it wasnt easy at all…. we struggled big time to handle UMA and RPF… but also… MFW?!?!?

MFW declared war on IW for an unknown reason(or atleast that i know of). Im just gonna show you some pics and 2 videos.

The War kicks off with UMA and RPF together vs IW

An Epic puffle charge (everyone at the count of 3)

Another puffle bomb later on

Another puffle bomb

After IW expanded everywhere , RPF and UMA mad face so IW puffle

Epic IW line, RPF leave?

A few RPF come back and UMA has grown

And IW Popcorn bomb, lol

Edit: 57to’s Battle Pictures-





Ice Warriors- 38+ RPF Alliance-25

Ice Warriors-35+ RPF Alliance-?

Ice Warriors- 40+ RPF Alliance-10

Ice Warriors- 37+ RPF Alliance-15

Anyways, I leave the snowforts and leave the IW first and Second divisions to handle UMA. The Third division spot a couple of rpf saying they claim town, then the RPF group increases in numbers. This is where the battle really takes off

About 35 min in, IW realise we have to re-claim the rooms that RPF took. This is where is gets sloppy, yellow people are j bombing town and saying they claim it.

Im thinking its TG helping IW out, but no. Turns out they come to IW chat and they said MFW declares war on IW. But here is the sad part for MFW. SF was caught trying to claim soccer pitch so this goes for them too.

1. You cannot claim rooms if you didnt schedule an invasion of Frozen 24 hours before the battle.

2. You have no right to try and defeat us when your all of a sudden in the war without posting ANY info at all about it

3. Seriously declaring war for no reason , We dont even know you

Anyways, Here are the two video links

In the above video is the first part to us reclaiming starting 37 minutes into the battle,Now the second part

So yeah there is the second part, after the vid was finished, the battle ended.

The CPAC post is slightly incorrect because IW re claimed the rooms.

~Gill1097 IW 4ic~

P.S – I have a new pengy ;D Gill1225

16 Responses

  1. HUZZZAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Btw im first


  3. boring,lets fight for a server, u and me ice warriors! im calling u out icyfeet!!!!!!!!!!!! 😈 lets destroy each other until one is left standing!


  4. You guys had used the Ice Vikings in a couple of battles and they did not put up an invasion/defense post. =/


  5. In addition, a couple of you have been complaining a couple of battles ago that you have to claim rooms with five or more men. In a lot of those rooms, IW had four or less. In all the rooms with RPF in it, we managed to have five or more soldiers.

    I know that no such document exists, but I just wanted to point out your hypocrisy.


  6. Iv helped you guys. Please don’t be hypocrites


  7. You said you lost in the vid…


    • we THOUGHT we had lost, all hope had gone, then we had the last minute decision to go round all the rooms spamming IW claim this room, quite fun!


  8. I claimed the Plaza, Forest, cove, Ice burg, forest again, mine, inside mine, pool, boiler room, night club, town, ski hill and ski village in the last 2 minutes of the battle =P


  9. And by the way, you found mfws reason for war in the video


  10. “The CPAC post is slightly incorrect because IW re claimed the rooms.”

    If you notice, I was on your chat, following the rooms you were taking, and taking note of them. The problem was you claimed rooms such as the Cove, even though there was opposition in the room. You just claimed in 10 seconds after moving into it.

    Therefore, only the rooms that you genuinely claimed were counted in my post.


  11. (Y)


  12. MFW DID post the thing 24 hours before…
    So, we win an invasion because in your eyes we have no good reason to invade you?
    We didn’t post any info on it? We have no right to join a war?
    I’m sorry Gill, but this is bs.
    Check our site and get your facts right before you try to cut us down.


  13. is thi


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