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Iceyfeet Edit: 1. Read the post below this one. 2. Miroos, I need to talk to you on IW chat sometime today.

Edit: All troops need to visit our mini city to get 1500 civilians in it! Heres what to do:

If you are a member rank, visit:

If you are a moderator rank, visit:

If you are a Owner rank, or if you are not in IW visit:

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

Hey, Artic Here, since there’s a lot of stuff going on, I have made a large post. If anyone has anything important to post, add it as an edit near the bottom.

Final Battle of World War 5

Alright, todays performance sort of Sucked, almost no one showed up.  It doesn’t matter though, we already took Sub Zero last time.  We own Sub Zero.  Now anyways, this war needs to end, I would consider it a world war by now, its been on since August. Anyways, we will end his war now with one final battle. This will not be an invasion, as the rules for an invasion are to awkward for large armies to be fighting each other, as both armies would probably agree.   First off here’s the battle info, please try to come. I have posted it to be in 2 weeks so we can prepare.

Final Battle of World War V

Date: Sunday October 10th


Server: Klondike (if Klondike is full, outback)

Rooms: The underground



3:00 EST

2:00 PST

1:00 MST

12:00 PST

8:00 UK

As you can tell, this battle will be a little different, more reminiscent to the final battle of WW3, but there’s a reason. This battle will be for all IW servers ACP owns or claims to own.


1. This battle will take place in the Mine, Pool, and Boiler Room. IW will start in the mine, ACP will start in the Boiler Room, and the pool will start off as neutral ground. When a CPAC judge says its 12 PST, both armies will rush into the pool and fight. An army can fall back into their base room also. This is set up so if people are locked out, or an army has a bad start, they can fall back to their base, where a lot of the enemy will be locked out instead.  The battle will last 2 hours, or end when an army has clearly lost their base.

2. No maps/ coming into the enemy base from behind. This is a 3 room battle.

3. No allies or bots.

4. Please refrain from using Fart bombs. We don’t want to lag out soldiers/ CPAC camera man (CPAC needs on of these ) ACP you have your clover bombs anyways.

5.  Please try not to log on until an hour before the battle. Seriously, logging on 5 hours early for this extra long battle just to assure a lead is stupid.  Also, whatever recruiting you can do should be in your base.

6. Don’t do anything stupid and try to make this a fun World War.

Training (IW only)

After todays disappointment we will be having training sessions every Wednesday and Friday, and Recruiting every Saturday and Monday. Recruiting will be on Mammoth and double as a raid to train the new recruits with.

All of these events will be at 7 EST

Some tips about fighting ACP:

Yeah I know I ripped this off from ACP site, but its a good idea


ACP usually use clover bombs and fart bombs (which they hopefully won’t this battle), along with some other tactics. To avoid any ACP Charges, use Puffle Emotes  as a shield.  They also like to make a Circle a lot, so when this happens overwhelm the weakest side, and get out of the center. We may use the Phalanx Tactic a lot in this battle, remember its just a filled in square. If you can’t fit in the phalanx, gather near it.


ACP usually has a large size, so be ready to get locked out of the room a lot. Don’t complain about it, and try to recruit people in an adjacent room.


Mammoth Raids

In an effort to boost activity and gain recruits, plus to have some fun, we will be on Mammoth A lot this week.  Our new ally, the Wizards, will be helping. Don’t take this the wrong way ACP, were just trying to get more active, and are trying to get some of the golden ages back. Now, here are some problems.  People are complaining about how Mammoth is full. Now this may sound harsh, but suck it up. It’s always been that way, always will. Mammoth is a different server then most, so no we can’t change location just for you. Remember, keep trying. People log off eventually. Also, try to get on right after school, it’s usually empty then.

Relations With ACP

(Post by Icey a few days ago)

Recently, many IW troops have been reporting that they have been abused on ACP chat for being in the Ice Warriors. Recently all high ranks in IW were guested and kicked off of ACP chat for being “enemy troops”. If we are “enemies” then should we have a war? I have a few pictures of what the mods do on ACP chat to us.

This next poll will partly decide what we will do about ACP.

I know people are gonna think, “why are you mad about getting abused on ACP chat?'”. That’s an easy question to answer. Why can’t we go on our “allies” chat? Why are we the only army being treated unfairly?

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

Activeness on chat

Now here’s the big problem. Chat is crammed full of people, yet when an owner says to go on CP, only a few people do.  Everyone just goes on with their conversations, ignoring every order. Starting now, I would like to implement a new law.

If an owner orders everyone to log on to Club Penguin, everyone who’s not idle must log on. Those who continue conversation and are not online will be kicked, and then possibly banned for an hour after multiple warnings. Those who cannot get on with reasonable proof (if its 5 bars for another non-member, that’s no excuse) should assist on a server the owner says.

If we improve this, we could very well become a much larger army. Just Remember to be active.

New Uniform

Recently because of item releases, we got a new uniform. Please wear it at all events.

Blue Baseball Cap: October Clothing Catalog
Blue Facepaint: Stadium Sports Catalog
Blue CP Jacket: October Clothing Catalog
Blue Cape: Last play at the stage, Shadow guy and Gamma girl
Blue Guitar: Lighthouse Instrument Catalog
Blue Shoes: Stadium Sports Catalog, click the blue cheerleaders beak


That’s all for now.



19 Responses

  1. I didnt get banned on acp chat, I am bobs friend. :P. Report the bad mods to bobcatboy10. First comment. :D.



    A penguin known as gordonedward is temp having Connection problems and id like to say if you could stop blaming me or i Will report ice warriors to cpac and ill report iw to Supreme court centre


    • FIrst off, bill clinton, CPAC cant do shiz. Second, there is no supreme court center, and if you mean the United States Supreme Court, i dare you to try, you might even be laughed at by the President.


  3. Good post, and coming to the battle ;D


  4. 5th. I’m a good ACP Mod. 🙂


  5. will try to make the battle


  6. Ill be helping , acp and ill be helping ice warrriors


  7. What happend all the post’s? There used to be a lot of posts on Ice Warriors website, now theres not much of anything.


  8. true…


  9. so the war is between ACP and allies, and IW TG and Wizards, right? ust double checking.


  10. ill do my best to be at the final battle. idk other than that


  11. people who are a member in the ice warrior chat room say i
    i! 😀


  12. i but ANYWAY im coming


  13. 品质保证全国送料無料


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