Recruiting Preperations

Edit 1 : Any owners that are online are to recruit everyone to Christmas and recruit as much as possible, if you need a break then take it.

Well guys, the big battle is closer then ever before, so were gonna be preparing with some random recruitings all weekend! Yay, that sounds so exciting! (not). The times are posted  below and since this is random, there are none! So, the following times are gonna be basic times for recruiting every day till the battle which is only Saturday and Part of Sunday.

When? Friday, Saturday and Sunday

What? Recruiting Preperations

Times? When an owner is on, that owner will tell everyone to get on Club Penguin,

Server? Christmas only!

Bye for now!


14 Responses

  1. Yayyy, boredum!


  2. new post


  3. not too intresting


  4. 5th


  5. 6th, and a good idea to do a lot of recruiting. :p


  6. 7th pwns all day………………………………………………


  7. Im not coming due to connection problems with club penguin


  8. oh and e-mail me if u wanna join the blue e-mail is in my last comment 😉


  9. purty sure i cen come


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