No More Temp-Modding.

Hersh, Icey and I discussed it at IW meeting chat and it’s now official, which means owners CANNOT [temp]mod someone unless he/she is a mod rank. This temp-modding has been on the chat for the past few months and it has some people crazy for the ability to kick or ban. Which is why owners are not allowed to [temp]mod noobs like this guy.

14 Responses

  1. second…..then just make me a mod now plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  2. Does this exclude me???


  3. You modded “that guy” what are you talking about
    Hersh did ~Gord


  4. And, i mod the temp mods i can TRUST and have NEVER abused. Because sometimes there are NO mods on


  5. Shouldnt the senate be allowed to vote on the problem at hand?? The vote is decided by the leader(Icey) in the end.


    • You weren’t on that time. Me and Hersh are in the USIW GOV. Icey was on with us, so basically it was a short meeting. The banning of temp modding won 2-0.


  6. the only exceptions are funkiki and kat.


  7. What about if Icey temp mods for battles??? He temp mods me for battles all the time.


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