Gill Edit 2 : All relations of AR, ACP, SWAT and/or NW on mammoth are FRIENDLY without any offence. In more specific words, there for practice on both sides. Just wanted to make that clear because a few asked.

Gill Edit: Comment on the Active Count below this post if you haven`t already.

Edit: Next weekend we are having a PB with ACP.  ALL OF YOU NEED TO COME!!!!

❗ PB with ACP ❗

Place: Klondike, all over.




12 MST

11 PST

7 U.K

8 German time or whatever it is

Date: Next Saturday, November 20th


Tips for this battle:

1. Only listen to Iceyfeet1234, Albert417, and Articsledder for orders

2. Whenever ACP charges, press E+P to use a puffle emote to block and shield yourself from their charge.

3.  ACP fills up rooms fast, so when we change rooms or charge be ready to go in quick before the room fills.

4.  ❗ Focus on CP! ❗  This ones big.  No side conversations on chat during the battle. Those who break this rule may be banned.

This is a HUGE battle, for the number 1 spot. Everyone needs to come. Double Promos may happen if we win……




It is time that I become more of a strict leader again. A lot of people in this army have been lazy and havent been doing anything on CP. Some people have, but most havent. It’s time that we step it up a notch. That includes mods and owners too.

All site workers will be removed from the site if they do not make at least 1 post by Saturday, November 20th. The post can be an event, party, etc.

Also it is unfortunate that almost nobody has been updating the site while I have been taking exams over the past 2 and a half weeks. Due to this, we wont be able to have anymore Medals until we can step up the site. The next promotion day will be in December. Only troops that attend events this month and in December will be rewarded with a promotion. Also, I will be demodding a hand full of inactive troops if they do not become active by the next promotion day in December.

To most troops, if you havent noticed we are ranked the 5th largest army due to our lazyness and inactiveness. I was dissapointed that non of the owners or high mod ranks would plan something on the site or chat. It seems that I have been planning almost every event in this army, which is the opposite of how it’s supposed to run.

This will be good news/bad news to some people. Due to the unfortunate inactiveness throughout the army, there will be no poll for the new 2ic. Instead I will pick the person. The winner is: Alber417. Even though he gets hacked every week, he still makes a good 2ic. Gadunka tryed convincing me to take over the world, so I got a little scared making him 2ic. But you never know, he could change over time :D.

Overall, my last exam is on Wednesday, November 17. The point of the exams were to see how well we can do at the beginning of the school year. I hope the next time I have exams, some people will try to at least help the army and plan something. I also hope that most troops will actually listen to the higher ranks and actualy go on CP. A lot of troops just sit on chat during events and think it’s time to play pokemon or anime. If troops dont listen to higher ranks (owners) during events, then they will get a warning.


War has come home

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

34 Responses

  1. YES SIR!!!


  2. Bravo! Jolly good and all that rot! and yes, I shall be coming up later on saturday, and possibly sunday.


  3. i’ve been busy Icey..I had 2 projects study to retake a test and study for another test and homework in one week..Oh and Spanish club and Basketball.. :/ you know i try to be active icey… :\


  4. I’ll try make them and I admit I got inactive when I became TG 3ic but I will be active again 😛


  5. ill probally make it to both recruiting sesions…
    see you at 1!


  6. Icey i am not busy at all and i have been going on clubpenguin a lot recently and i will be at the recruting sessions today and on sunday at one o’ clock!


  7. More than the noobs being lazy than the actual troops.


  8. congrats alb and Icey i wont let IW down i will try my best and i will not let IW fall if we do become medium my army will maybe merge into IW


  9. 😦 i cant make it… ive got something going on. called robotics. WAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. i dont know when icey feet is retireing


  11. Nobody ever listens to my posts anyway.


  12. i hope this works:


  13. I canme today, not sure how that scam even worked, but it did ^^


  14. Bob did agree to having a Practice Battle, right?


  15. I’ll tell my army (those of them that are Ice Warriors) to help you!


  16. Hey Icey I try to be active but uh…. I have a life. I will do what I can.


  17. soooo if we win in the practice battle with ACP we will get #1 spot(maybe) and id become captain?good enough for me…i havnt seen us even in second since i joined…p.s. i made it to last recruiting session and will make it to another one


  18. also cant you just say the rooms that were battling in? its been a while since the Klondike battle and i forgot where…is it that underground thing???


  19. I might not be able to come becuase I got a bday party to go to and a bball game..I want promo stilll though..(WARY)


  20. I can come


  21. 25TH COMMENT

    im 85% sure I’ll make it to the Practice Battle.
    Iceyfeet i have also noticed the laziness of the army also


  22. merge into my army *wary*


  23. I love the reason why gadunka isn’t 2ic xD


  24. Your army has been updated on the Club Penguin Army Advertising site for the month of November. Use this site to find links to other armys and also check out our army servers page.


  25. Notice how he says “There May be double promos if we win(dot,dot)” xD


  26. gill i just got arroused because of that comment


  27. yay double promos if we win


  28. Hey Icey , Sorry i haven’t been as active as i was , but i still try to come on chat and the site once a day 🙂


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