Hey Ice Warriors!

Yes, as you can see from the title the defense of Sub zero DID end up happening after all. As most of you are aware the battle occurred from 1am EST-2am EST. Whats so funny is that we WON the defense even after SAW (DW Leader) had told Icey earlier that day that it had gotten cancelled.  So in a way it was sort of unscheduled 😛 Anyways heres how it went down Saw comes on chat and tells us that the invasion is actually going to happen. This happened 30min before the battle would begin. After fighting for about 1 hour DW decided to declare themselves the winner and log off even though it was clear the battle had gone down as a tie. Since it was a tie and DW logged off there was no way DW captured Sub zero so we Won. I just want to say thank you to all who came to defend Sub Zero. Now enjoy the pictures!

Dw Log Off:

Clearly from the pictures you can see that we were tied in size throughout the battle. We also had slightly better tactics than them as well. Also some DW troop came on chat and told us they had logged off because they had made it a rule for it to be for 1 hour. I then went to their site to see that no such rule had been placed for that invasion. Heres proof:

To DW: Next time dont be chickens and actually fight us at a time that is best for both armies not just you. Thanks to our amazing and loyal troops we pulled off a win! Anyway goodnight!


9 Responses

  1. You guys didn’t win. Lmao, slight better tactics? ROFL. The only thing you guys actually did was puffles and joke bombs. Try looking at our site, we had the size advantage, and we have proof behind it. And tactics, we actually did many such as blob tactic, emote encountering which we destroyed your tactics, more formations, newspaper tactic and charges(hello bombs, mad faces and joke bombs). What did you guys do? Just emotes and bombs.

    So no, take Sub Zero off your servers list. It’s DW’s now. If you want to actually see winning, look at our site with more PICTURES and PROOF. We pwned IW all beginning, middle, and END.


  2. I was there


  3. I was there. Stayed on until the very end.


  4. Maybe we should reinvade with the whole army.


  5. I found this post by scrolling down on the website :3
    This post was made the same day the “Some Nights” album came out =D


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