Practice Battle + Champions Cup Tournament!

Alongside recruiting, we’re in need of battles. Luckily, we have two coming up this weekend!

So first off, we’re having a practice battle with the Golden Troops. Below are the details!

Practice Battle: Ice Warriors vs Golden Troops

When: Saturday, March 10th

Where: Big Foot, Town

Times: 3PM EST || 2PM CST || 1 PM MST || 12PM PST || 8PM UK || 7AM AUS


Then on Sunday we will be having the first battle of CPAC’s Champions Cup! We are up against the Global Defenders in Round 1! Below are the details.

[CC] Round 1 Battle: Ice Warriors vs Global Defenders

 When: Sunday, March 11th

Where: Klondike, Dock

Times: 3:30PM EST || 2:30PM CST || 1:30PM MST || 12:30 PST || 8:30PM UK || 7:30AM AUS

Like I said many times in previous tournament posts, we give out promotions if we make it to the Finals. If we win, then everyone that attends gets a double. So recruit on CP while you can!


Thanks for reading! Now you must…

❗ Comment if you can come or not! ❗


23 Responses

  1. I can come to both events.


  2. i can come to the events


  3. Ill come. Guys i know GD is medium but be sure not to get cocky.


  4. GT just lost the best leader even if some hated him. So we might have the advantage! Lets get our 4th in the top 10 😀


  5. i can come to both


  6. can come to the battle against GT, but not sure about the CC event.


  7. I can come only to the practice battle


  8. Ok, Im just telling you this.

    If you have a rank higher than Warrant Officer, I expect you to be at the CPAC Champions cup. No exceptions. No excueses. If you’re est, you better be there. Aussie should be there. Other than those, you’re good.


    I mean seirous sh*t.


    • Wth is that supposed to mean. Stop acting like you run the place.


  9. I can come to the ChampionsCup, just not the PB with GT


  10. I should be able to come to both.


  11. I can only come on the practice battle but i cant go to the round one 😦


  12. I’ll try my best to make it to both events


  13. Nope, CRAPPY POOP!
    My name is……


  14. I can come to both


  15. Coming to both.


  16. I can come. BTW i’m turning 14 on the 15th of march, u better say happy birthday then. Pwease. or i’ll cry 😥


  17. i am coming to both 🙂


  18. i came to both


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