Upcoming Tournament Battle *TIMES CHANGED* + PB with GT

Cole has been fired from Ice Warriors. Do NOT unban him or otherwise break IW firing policy (to owners).

Then on Sunday we will be having the first battle of CPAC’s Champions Cup! We are up against the Global Defenders in Round 1! Below are the details.

[CC] Round 1 Battle: Ice Warriors vs Global Defenders

When: Sunday, March 11th

Where: Klondike, Dock

Times: 4:30PM EST || 3:30PM CST || 2:30PM MST || 1:30 PST || 8:30PM UK || 7:30AM AUS

Like I said many times in previous tournament posts, we give out promotions if we make it to the Finals. If we win, then everyone that attends gets a double. So recruit on CP while you can!

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

11 Responses

  1. Aw Man Im Freaked Out Ill A tend For Sure Just For The Army ICE WARRIORS RULES!!!!!


  2. I can come to both, but I can attend only 30mins mins tomorrow cuz its sunday and i must go to bed earlier. -.- i could ask my parents if i can stay on cp until 10pm GMT.


  3. Will be there 😀


  4. I was already at the PB with GT, I’m coming to the tournament battle tomorrow.


  5. I was at the PB with GT. ) 9.30pm for me….can come for 30 mins. :/


  6. I’ll be there


  7. I will be there


  8. Im so srry but i cant come because im grounded. Ill try my best to come if my parents say Yes. But they most likely wont D:


  9. Nvm i can come 😀


  10. y’d cole get fired :L


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