CC Round 1 Battle Results: vs. Global Defenders!

We had an easy victory in our first battle in the Champions Cup. I could only spot one GD throughout the battle, but he quickly left within minutes. Meanwhile, we held an easy line formation on the left side of the dock and we also did some bombs. We maintained a size of 25 troops. Below are pictures of the battle!

We were bored...

That’s all for today!


12 Responses

  1. What r u blind alb? There were 3 GD! Btw i came……3rd


  2. 4th

    I was there. The waffles tactic was mine


  3. i was there it was too easy.


  4. i was there it was so fun i mean 25iw vs 1gd xDDD


  5. i came


  6. oh yeah alb you have to change your clocks lol


  7. I came ! GD are just chickens. That was a really chillaxing battle. ^-^


  8. i was there im not sure if the other team was though!


  9. Showing WW some love huh? 😉


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