Ice Warriors Training Camp & Recruiting Guide!

Ice Warriors Training Camp & Recruiting Guide!

Hello fellow Ice Warriors, It’s me, Daleboxtel. So I wanted to make a post about the Ice Warriors Training Camp, I re-started it. (I bought Graphics and made the site and everything, I’ll talk about that later) And a Recruiting Guide to help YOU with recruiting. (Thank you to Np300 for the Recruiting Guide off UMA Site. It is Appreciated greatly.)

I’ll let Np take over.

Np’s Recruiting Guide

Step One-Choose a Chat

Pretty straight forward you choose a chat. Choose wisely though make sure there are not many owners or mods(or owners in stealth I hate those sneaky ones)

Step Two- Reel in your recruit

Just putting a link will get them to ignore you make them WANT to come to your chat

Step Three- Change the subject

Step Four-Reverse Psychology

Step Five- Get them to join!!!!!

There you have it one of my many ways of recruiting people. As you see recruiting is more then just spamming a person’s pc with a link it takes steps and some good acting. Now troops that you have some good recruiting chat links and a idea on how to recruit get going and rise this army yourselves not just the leaders can do it. Even if there is no one at the chat filling it up yourself would make me more proud then filling it up during a event. If every single person in the army got just one recruit everyday this army would be huge just saying. :)

Okay, that was it. As you can see, some brilliant information there. And what Np said at the end was true. If everyone recruited a person (Or More :D) Everyday, Ice Warriors could be huge. I hope you all will do so. (Just do all that in IW Mode)

Ice Warriors Training Camp

I recently re-made the IWTC. A Once great Training Camp for the Ice Warriors. For quite a while now Icey has been talking about re-starting it, and I thought I would do it. I’m not really going to get caught up in this, read about what I’ve done at the site (Including I bought Two headers for 500 xats. If that helps you agree, Icey. -Wary-) I hope you all agree to let me re-start this Training Camp!

Ok Thanks. Sorry I didn’t make this post colorful and such. I’m quite tired.


14 Responses

  1. FIRST ! lol i never recruite on riffty cuz you get banned there fast. :/




  3. By the way, I could of made the graphics for free :S


  4. S:


    • you noob! stop being mean 😡


      • Chris, Enemies call each other things like that. I don’t enjoy calling people things, but this kid deserves it. He cusses on chat day-in and day-out. He lies so much. And threatens like heck. I don’t think you can argue with that.




  5. This guide is beast

    -Double Mvp


  6. This is beast.

    -Double Mvp


  7. Looks pretty good, wonder if I’ll get to be a teacher =.


  8. Reblogged this on The Watex Warriors aka Waffles of Club Penguin Official Website and commented:
    Ignore the IW comments. Focus on the guide.


  9. […] 1. RECRUIT MORE – We should recruit more because the more you recruit, the more the army will rise. If you only recruit once a week, I highly doubt any army would rise recruiting once a week. Maybe about every other day we should recruit on Club Penguin for about 30 mins. That would help the army RISE ALOT. Also recruiting on xats chat would be good sometimes, but you could get banned, but if you want to try that, then look at the post […]


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