Defence Of Sub Zero [TODAY]

Iceyfeet Edit: I’ll be on the today between 9AM – 5PM EST reownering/remodding people. I’ll be afk at times, so just PC me and I’ll remod/reowner you when I get back on. Unfortunately I wasn’t online on Thursday or Friday due to internet problems, but luckily it’s back up and running so that the chat will be ready for the defense today.

Invasion of Sub Zero

When: Saturday, April 14th

Where: Sub Zero, Forts

Hey There Ice Warriors, It’s me, Dale. So I was on IW Chat today and the leader of the Team Gold came and said “We’re invading Subzero, If It’s yours” And as you probably know, It’s our Capital.

Team Gold are a smaller army, so I’m excepting we can defend with Success! Here are the times.

11AM PST || 12PM MST || 1PM CST || 2PM EST || 7PM UK

No allies
No hacking/Sending bad links
No bots
No spies

 Comment If You Can Or Can Not come.

This is my 1st Scheduled event, Make it a Good One!


23 Responses

  1. I’ll be proud to save Sub Zero!!!


  2. I’ll be proud to save Sub Zero!


  3. Come on men! Forwards!


  4. I shall be there.


  5. if sub zero does go down ill let the ice warriors use my home…… klondike


  6. i’ll put in my best effort but i may not make it


  7. I cant’t come, cuz I am banned. D:


  8. Team gold is a bunch of pussies since they dont have a real reason for declaring war. I’ll come, and make sure to whoop their asses while im at it 😆


  9. Probably not gonna come. I got baseball.


  10. call me a dead cow if i dont come (tht means ill come xD)


  11. Damn I realised I never commented on my own post. Yes, I will be there.


  12. 15% chance. I got a baseball game.


  13. Fish army of club penguin will be invading Alaska at 4pm uk if it’s urs


  14. I can come
    but i will be late
    unless there’s pie


  15. I can’t make it since I will be at my cabin all day on that day.


  16. Today fish army of club penguin are invading south pole if it’s urs at 12:00 dinnertime uk


  17. WE WON!!!!!!!11


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