Defense of Sub Zero? = Success!

Well, it seemed like we did well with recruiting. The Team Gold actually surprised us with sizes of 20+. We didn’t do bad either, and we averaged sizes of 23 and maxed 26 on CP. Performance with our tactics could have been slightly better. Otherwise, this event was a great success. Expect more events for next week! Below are pics of the event!


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  1. Fish army of club penguin are invading south pole at 12 summertime uk time if it urs


  2. I mean dinnertime


  3. I made it ❤


  4. Idk what to say on your tactics since I’m in TG and i though IW did very well and did have some better connection with tactics, however are tactics weren’t that bad and we did have superior force + the fact you guys were in the plaza for quite sometime which almost turned into a forfeit since it was scheduled in Snow Forts. Count your wins and losses as you wish but to be dishonest about it like you have the advantage is quite pretentious. -Kakashi


  5. i made it to the first part sorry i couldnt be at the end my compmuter froze and i couldnt log on again sorry D=


  6. I was there and fought,
    And I can say with confidence……. That we have tore those Golds asses!!!!!! XD


  7. Good lord, I’m a day late! I thought the event was to happen today.


  8. I came, we won.


  9. I took a break and forgot about iw >.> I will try to be on next time,


  10. I just was in the TG (team gold) site and saw that they thinking that they won the invasion….
    Here is the link:


  11. I came for a few minutes at the middle but i was on cp not chat becuz gord abused me! So my cp acvount was banned so i used my friend’s


  12. Looking at team gold’s post about the event, they had pictures of the IW chat, that means they spied on IW chat, which is against the rules, so IW keeps Sub Zero.

    Other than that, size and tactics were a tie in my opinion.


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