AUS-ASIA Division Active Count

Simple enough, it’s been a while since this division hasn’t been used. If you live in Australia or anywhere in Asia, make sure to just simply comment on this post with your CP user name and rank.

It’s coming back, soon. The more troops, the better.

7 Responses

  1. CP User: Preicous52

    Rank: Highest Mod/ Lieutenant General

    Lets get AA division back into action every1! ;D



  2. wat up peeps Yeahbuddy172 says charizard is best pokemon


  3. CP User: Icecream300

    Rank: Captain

    I agree with Raven :3



  4. Yeahbuddy172 Sergeant puts in rank happy


  5. I’m not sure if I should be commenting but I’m in Turkey which is right next to Asia for the whole summer but I can’t come on chat because it doesn’t work in Turkey. Anyways:

    CP User: Kaleagasi

    Rank: 4ic


  6. CP username: Lion P.
    Rank: 4ic.

    Israel is close to Asia.


  7. CP username britpenguin3 rank member Philippines


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