Tournament Warm-Up Event

Hai Ice Warriors, 

Today we had our last event before our huge event against the Nachos in the March Madness Tournament. We did fairly well and maxed 25-27 and averaged about 20. Our tactics were pretty good at times, but Loot and I agreed we could’ve done a little bit better if everyone was totally focused before and during the battle and we could’ve got 35. However, some people did well and we had a U-lead session for the second half of the event and we were happy with what the soldiers did during this – well done to you! Comment if you came to this event.

Here are my pics and a few from Arc as well. Note that my pictures have boxes on them because of some sort of advertisement that I cant get rid of!!

Good Job today – Let’s get some Nachos tomorrow!

>> Kingfunks4 || IW UK Leader & 2ic <<

2 Responses

  1. i had to leave early


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