IWNH – Halloween Party Sneak Peek! – Club Penguin

Hey Ice Warriors!

Halloween is on the edge, and Halloween Party is coming pretty soon and that’s October 23rd! Click read more for Halloween soundtrack, pins, anniversary celebration, player card update, Beta hat, sneak peek, magazine and newspaper. Here’s a picture of my Igloo with full of Halloween decorations. Peek-a-boo!!!

When you login to Club Penguin, you will notice that Gary will pop up a message for you, and his great Uncle.

Now click the newspaper for Halloween upcoming dates.

When you to the Puffle Hotel… Halloween approaching quickly, and strange activities are happening… If you head over to the Plaza and enter the hotel you will notice Halloween decorations are starting to pop-out of nowhere! The fountain has turned green, slime is running down the ceiling and an underground door was discovered under the carpet…?
Also, go to the Spa room and Roof for Halloween decorations.

REMEMBER: Club Penguin’s 10th Halloween Party starts next week!!!!!!!
Go to the Mine Shack, you can see the pins that has colors on the balloon. Do you know whats that means? It means that Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary is coming next week and to commemorate the occasion the Club Penguin Team!!!

The new pin is called the Anniversary Pin!

Now heres the new soundtrack, that Club Penguin has released for Halloween.

Over the past year Club Penguin has introduced a number of new puffle creatures to the island including snowman puffles, dogs, cats and even dinos! Today Megg revealed there are a few more new puffle creatures coming later this year.

The new UK magazine is called Celebrating Ghostly Stories!

Club Penguin has updated the Player Card to change your outfit that there is nothing more annoying than scrolling down hundreds of items to find your most recent purchases. Now when you buy a new items, the recent ones will be on the top of the all items list – so you can wear it more easily!

Thankfully Club Penguin rolled out a new update overnight to change that!

Club Penguin is turning 9 years old! Hooray!
Each year, there’s an exclusive party hat, only available at the party for a very short time, and you don’t wanna miss that!

Now, what do you think so far? Do you like this every new sneak peek and Halloween Party this year? Please leave your comment below. Thanks! 🙂

Kyle103 Third In Command [No more temp retired]

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